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Handle Your Real Estate Business Despite COVID-19 Crisis

Written by Jodi Finnan

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As the Coronavirus pandemic extends to take control throughout the world, it undoubtedly affects the real estate industry indeed. COVID-19 has made a lot of traditional ways of client visits and lead generation more difficult and worse, impossible for the upcoming months. This is the “new normal” and this might be the best time to rethink and shift traditional practices to withstand this trying time.

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Transactions like face-to-face, in-person meetings will more likely have to change. However, prospecting new leads remains on the table. More people are at home glued to their screens using social media sites. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of digital and social media marketing. This opportunity could help realtors nurture their database and as soon as possible, prepared for a bounce back.

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Unlike virtual inspection, virtual house tour is not totally a new concept for agents and property managers. But if it is something new to your agency or something you occasionally do, – consider it to be the new norm for quite some time due to travel restrictions and growing fear of exposure to the virus. Familiarise and train yourself with tools you’re going to need to conduct a successful virtual house tour. If you have the budget, consider using an HD camera rather than mobile phones. It will give your audience a much better resolution and help in making them look more professionally done. Facebook Live is a great option for conducting virtual tours in real-time, while recorded tours can be posted on Youtube as well as shared on your social media channels to attract more views and generate more leads. 

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While some are discouraged about this current pandemic, by doing research about strategies and ways to manage your business, you’re already one big step ahead of many others. We advise you to stay focused, calm, nurture your database, and continuously connect with your network to help combat this situation and set up your business for success.

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