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Own Homes Are The ‘New Office’

Written by Jodi Finnan

The world has changed. This unprecedented disruption caused by the Coronavirus along with the social distancing is making new rules on how we go about in our day-to-day lives. Work from home has been a part of health precautions in limiting interaction with more people thus helping out the possibility of spreading out the virus.

This “new normal” has prompted us to question some of our assumptions on aspects of city living and human behaviour that we previously thought were too hard to change.

Photo by manny PANTOJA on Unsplash

We have had the technology to work from home for many years but for many reasons have been reluctant to try it. It has now been forced upon us and many companies and their employees are finding out that it is not such a bad thing after all.

This has been the opportunity for many companies to run a large-scale experiment on the productivity of their people when the majority are working from home – and it would not surprise me if studies come back showing no lowering of productivity due to time gained from not having to commute.

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Our homes became more than just a place we live in. Proper home design that suits a conducive working environment is now part of interior design necessity. We spend longer in our homes for longer periods of time than we ever have before. It follows that we will be watching our bins fill up faster than usual, our power and water usage and bills both going up as we notice how hot it gets without turning on the air-con.

The challenge of working from home is to maintain a sustainable way of living especially when our place of relaxation will be the same as our working station. That is why homes are supposed to be restructured as a place where office tasks can also be done.

So how to challenge to project home model? Margins are exceptionally tight in the project home market but there is also a growing understanding that implementing sustainability and circular economy thinking into the delivery of all buildings will help save money on the construction.




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