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Post-Coronavirus: Domestic Travel May “Replace” International Tourism

Written by Jodi Finnan

The coronavirus has devastated economies around the world and disrupted life in ways that were unimaginable just a few months ago. The world will never be the same. But at some point, industries will start coming back online and people will start going out again.

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

With mass international travel all but closed off for the foreseeable future, domestic travel is now seen as a driver for the ailing tourism sector and the broader economy. Many hotel and tourism operators are now eyeing off the $54 billion spent by the almost 10 million Australian international travelers annually, hoping that can be secured into local destinations.

Benefits of domestic travel:

  • Travel costs are cheaper than international travel
  • No language barrier
  • Do not need passport nor VISA

Photo by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash

Domestic travel adds up to the spirit of spontaneity. One day you wake up and decide to hop on a bus or a train. You don’t need to bring a passport and apply for a VISA. In just a few hours, you’re in a new place discovering new delicacies in your own country.


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