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Attic conversion solves storage woes

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While some people plan grand renovations to create more space in their homes, for others the answer is simply above their heads.Many older style homes across Sydney have unused attic spaces and unlocking that space can be the ticket to staying in a home for longer or making life in that home much more comfortable. The Attic Group have been doing attic conversions for more than 40 years. Sydney branch manager Tom Houston says he finds many people want more space but don’t want to move.media_cameraThis study area was built by the Attic Group as part of an attic conversion“With regards to stamp duty and real estate fees, we’re finding particularly with the Sydney market, a lot of people are in a bind with a growing family or an emerging family,” he says. “They need that extra space and they are weighing up if they should move or improve and a lot of the time the moving costs are prohibitive because it’s hard to find that ideal home that’s going to suit.”media_cameraA heritage listed property in Darling Point had roof space ripe for conversionSome houses are better suited to attic conversions than others.Tom says Californian bungalows, Federation and Victorian-era homes in older parts of Sydney are typical of homes that are suitable for attic conversions.Options can include creating a study, playroom, bedroom and even a bathroom.While the roof exterior is left intact in some cases, in others it can be modified with dormer windows. For those after more light, skylights are a good option for attic spaces.Tom says many people have never been into their attic and they are surprised at how much space there actually is up there.media_cameraNo need to venture downstairs during the night. An attic conversion makes a great spot for a master suite“Some people are well aware there could be potential there, but you’d be surprised how many people have literally never conceived the idea,” he says.“They didn’t know they could do this and they didn’t know how affordable it could be.“If the house has quite a high-pitched roof, and there are three metres up there, we can make it the best room in the house.”Tom says a spacious attic could account for up to 30 per cent of the existing home.“In some cases we’ve done homes that had no restrictions on floor space ratio and we were able to almost double the size of their property,” he says.A substantial attic conversion could change the way the house works.media_cameraAttic Group Sydney branch manager Tom Houston“We do a lot of parents’ retreats where, instead of carving the space up into two or three rooms, we can give them quite a luxurious 20 or 30sq m bedroom with a walk-in robe and ensuite and perhaps even a balcony off it,” he says.“Cost wise, if you’re talking about a bedroom and a bathroom, you can start around $100,000.” Access to the new area can be via an attic ladder or a fixed staircase. Insulation will make the space comfortable all year.A basic storage package costs from $2000, where they put a floor down and provide access via a pull-down ladder.While some attic conversions need council approval, other projects can go ahead as a complying development.A simple attic conversion within the roof plane should take just three or four weeks.