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Some homes leave an impression long after you first see them. If you’ve been visiting display home centres, it’s the design that keeps re-entering your thoughts, even after you’ve seen dozens of them. It might be the amount of light that fills the interior, the landscaping or the spacious bedrooms that have won you over. Or it might be a single part of the house that made you stop and say “wow” when you first set eyes on it.When you engage a builder for a project home, it might feel like you have to take the exact home as displayed, but that’s not always the case. Modifications and changes are often allowed, although you will usually have to pay for them.And some display homes are incredible to look at — and possibly not what people would expect. They are on display with spectacular staircases and voids and fabulous kitchens.It’s also worth noting it was a display home in Bella Vista by Gremmo Homes that took out the HIA NSW Home of the Year title in 2017. We asked some of Sydney’s leading display home builders how clients can make their new project build amazing.media_cameraThe Lindrum 41 by Fowler Homes at Elara village in Marsden Park. Picture: Bob BarkerThe voidThey may be made of nothing but air but that’s exactly why voids are so amazing. Positioned above a living room such as in the Fowler Homes Lindrum 41 design at Marsden Park, a void can link two levels while creating openness.Fowler Homes managing director Frank Grippaudo says voids can bring in a lot of light.“The high ceiling brings grandeur and a ‘wow’ factor, a luxury sort of feel,” he says. “It makes the space feel open. It creates that architectural element — it’s light and airy, not dark and enclosed.”Some of the designs by Fowler Homes that include voids are the Lindrum, Galleria, Havana, Moroccan and the Hemisphere.Frank says it does cost more to include a void in a house, with scaffolding and trades working at heights accounting for the cost.More: in the Mosman 56 display home by Clarendon Homes, on display at Parklea. Picture: Maree HomerThe staircaseWhether it takes up a large amount of space, is constructed of beautiful materials, or sits below a striking skylight or void, the staircase can make a sweeping statement.The staircase in the Clarendon Homes Mosman 56 runs alongside the hallway, with a stylish timber handrail. Clarendon Homes design manager Ryan Barnett says the Mosman is at the higher end of the display market, so the point of entry was important with the stair a focal element.“If you’re doing a finished timber stair and you get it stained or oiled, it needs to be a better quality timber, which will have an associated cost with it,” he says.If your budget is really tight, Ryan says the most affordable option is a carpeted stairway, with the stairs made of pine.More: Island facade on house by Eden Brae Homes. Picture suppliedThe facadeFirst impressions count, so investing in the facade of your home should be a top priority when you’re building. Eden Brae state sales manager Bill Hawie says it should be planned from day one.“It’s a very important part of the house and should be a primary consideration that should be budgeted for early,” he says. “For the clients themselves, it’s something they will see every day.”Bill says a Hamptons look by Eden Brae, known as the Long Island facade, is one of their most popular facades. In some new estates, house facades are expected to include a mix of materials.Bill says adding detail, such as timber posts or a section of stone to the facade, could cost between $5000 and $10,000 for a single-storey home, or $8000-$15,000 for a double-storey home.More: display home by Metricon Homes. Picture suppliedThe kitchenWith its generous kitchen layouts and sleek cabinetry, new home builder Metricon is known for its beautiful kitchens.“The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place everyone congregates,” Metricon senior interior designer Melissa Colley says. “It also needs to be a space you love to cook and spend time in, so it makes sense to have a beautifully designed space.”Melissa suggests including a sleek Caesarstone benchtop, stylish cabinetry or drawers, elevated wall ovens and integrated appliances, such as a dishwasher, to create a seamless look across the kitchen.Other popular upgrades are under-mount sinks and lift-up overhead cupboards. Melissa says adding plasterboard bulkheads above kitchen cupboards will create clean lines.More: