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So minimalism is not your thing and your home is still filled with items that “spark joy” after downsizing the Konmari way.“There has been a lot of talk lately about decluttering and Marie Kondo, but that’s not for everybody,” says interior stylist Lauren Keenan who hosts the podcast Find It. Style It.“At the end of the day, we’re humans and we have stuff.media_cameraLook for storage space outside, such as in this deck area designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects“Finding more storage solutions around the home can be simple, but be warned that once you have more storage you will find a way of filling it up.”Architect Brad Schwartz says the biggest challenge with creating more storage space is finding the perfect balance between functionality and design.“The last thing you want is to be sitting in your lounge room and feeling like you’re in a walk-in wardrobe,” he says.Whether it is going up, better organising your current storage spaces, or buying multifunctional furniture, there most likely are storage spaces around the home you’re not exploiting — yet.media_cameraA mix of open shelving and drawers, where you can see all the way to the back, works well in wardrobes like this from FreedomLauren’s advice is to stop and think before you shop.“People often think they can just go and buy and off-the-shelf solutions which could work, but there are a lot of ways you can customise storage options to really maximise the amount of space you have,” she says.The humble entertainment unit is a great starting point.“Quite often it can be a large space in the living room, but so many people tend to buy a cabinet that is relatively small for the nook, then you just have dead space either side,” she says.media_cameraIt’s not so unusual to include a washing machine in a well-designed bathroom but few are concealed as well as this, hidden in a vanity by Smart Space InteriorsBrad says custom-made cabinetry can be highly effective.“If your joinery is doing multiple things, including storage, then it’s working well for you,” he says. “It could be a seat, or a desk, or a TV cabinet. That’s an alternative approach to simply just putting cupboards in.”While using the full height of a wall is practical, Brad says it’s not as simple as just going up.“You have to find the right balance. In a terrace house that’s already narrow, you won’t want to be putting storage right over an entire wall because that’s making the house even thinner,” he says.media_cameraDecluttering is the best space saver. Sari Art coffee table from Oz Design FurnitureAnoushka Allum, of Smart Space Interiors, says the space around a door is often under used.“In some small apartments, try building around a doorway and above it all the way to the ceiling,” she says. With space at a premium, multipurpose furniture is on the rise.“Look for pieces with built-in storage such as a sofa that opens up, or a storage seat that sits at the end of your bed,” Lauren says.Anoushka says it’s surprising where you can find extra space.media_cameraStore out-of-season clothing and spare blankets under the Shangri-La bed from Kogan“Consider banquette seating in an eat-in kitchen, which can offer up a huge amount of storage underneath in a spot that would otherwise just be chairs around a table,” she says.In the kitchen Anoushka says the trick is not necessarily finding more space, but better use of the existing footprint.media_cameraShallow vertical space in this apartment by architect Brad Schwartz is perfect for wine storage. Picture: Katherine Lu“I find people often struggle when moving from cupboards in older-style kitchens to drawers after a renovation,” she says. “But it can be a practical way to store things such as small appliances and still have easy access.”Drawers rule in wardrobes too.“Go wider with drawer space so you don’t have to squash things in,” she says. “Those larger spaces can be used more effectively than having additional shelves, or even more drawers.”