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If you have a family, chances are you spend a considerable amount of time in the laundry. Once the most unloved room in the house, the style stakes have been raised in recent years with greater attention being paid to the fittings and finishes as well as the practicalities of this space.media_cameraA double sink with removable lid plus a rack for hanging clothes are great space savers in a small laundry like this, designed by Cantilever InteriorsGiven the hours spent washing, ironing and sorting clothes, it’s a long overdue style makeover.Category expert, Winning Appliances’ Jay Coleing, says it’s not unusual now for the floor or benchtop materials used in the bathroom or kitchen to be repeated in the laundry space.“There’s more of a design focus now where you’re looking to match materials,” she says. This is also evident in the choice of whitegoods, which, increasingly, are no longer white.“White is still a popular colour for laundry appliances but there is a shift to stainless steel now for a more stylish look,” Jay says.media_cameraIf you’re going to be spending a lot of time in there, a well-lit, well-ventilated space is much more pleasant to be in. Miele laundry with washer and dryer available from Winning AppliancesWhere you position your laundry is a matter of personal preference — and practicality.While some prefer to put it close to bedrooms to make collecting clothes easier, others opt for a location closer to the clothesline. Jay says washing machines and dryers are much quieter than they once were so running them overnight while the household is asleep is less of an issue.The laundry often doesn’t enjoy the best views on offer but it’s still worth considering access to natural light and air flow.media_cameraThis beautiful space designed by architect Mark Sczcerbicki offers plenty of natural light, masses of storage and easy access to the clothesline. Pics by Tom Ferguson“Everyone loves having light in the house but it’s especially important for the laundry to get light in there to prevent mould from growing,” says Jay.“Dryers often pump out hot, moist air which will encourage mould. Good ventilation 100 per cent makes a difference.”Vented dryers pump out moist air which needs to be ducted for release outdoors. However, the newer heat pump dryers do not require venting. While they cost more upfront, they’re a great solution for apartment living. Apart from the practicalities, if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in there, a well-lit, well-ventilated space is much more pleasant to be in.media_cameraA hideaway laundry takes up very little space and simply disappears when not in useIf you’re planning on doing the ironing in your laundry, there are other ways of making it comfortable.“I have a friend who has a TV set up in there,” says Jay.Storage requirements are a little different in the laundry. While overhead cupboards are fine, ample open shelving for laundry detergents, scrubbing brushes and soap work well when you’re dealing with a load of washing.Full-length cupboards for mops, brooms and ironing boards are useful for keeping the space clutter free and reducing trip hazards.Go for as much bench space as you can, depending on space, to allow for sorting washing baskets. A removable lid over a double sink also works well.media_cameraThe V-Zug Refresh Butler is an in-house dry cleaner. It is designed to integrate into the laundry or operate as a freestanding unit. Available from Winning AppliancesJay’s quick tips
Top loader vs front loader?Front loaders are more water efficient but Jay says older buyers often prefer a top loader, which does not require bending down. Several front loaders models now allow you to add to the wash after starting the cycle.Fast and fresh:Bosch has released a machine that can complete a 2kg load in 15 minutes — perfect for washing school uniforms to be ready for the next day.Life’s a breeze:We still prefer to dry out clothes on the line, with a dryer for wet days.