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A stone-cold floor is not exactly appealing in the colder months, but the large area floor rug isn’t just for living areas anymore. Senior designer for Designer Rugs, Christine McDonald, says floor coverings are moving beyond the standard lounge and TV rooms, and into dining spaces.Although it’s not for everyone.media_cameraRugs are an effective way to add colour, pattern and texture. Lucia rug from Carmine & Teal“You are either a person who loves a rug under the dining table or one who can’t think of anything worse,” she says. “If you’re in the ‘love’ camp, placing a rug under your dining table can help define and anchor the room, especially in a large open-plan home, plus it adds warmth underfoot.”Rugs have become such a luxury decor item that stylists are doubling them up to create artworks on the floor.Interior designer Greg Natale has no problem layering several patterned rugs together.media_cameraA rug will give a room focus. Designer Rugs Marguerite by Felicia Aroney“When it comes to placement, pay close attention to the furniture that sits on the rugs or borders it.” Greg says.“In our Avoca house we layered a series of blue Ralph Lauren rugs beneath a big black grand piano, with a timber coffee table and adjacent to a large patterned sofa.“It was essential that the pieces that sat closest to each of the rugs worked well with the orientation of the patterning on the floor covering and the physical orientation of the rug.”He says you shouldn’t be afraid to arrange and rearrange.“Play with it until it feels right,” Greg says.media_cameraLaying a rug partially under the bed is a classic design trick: Phoenix rug from Carmine & Teal Christine agrees there is no reason that you can’t layer colour on colour or pattern on pattern, but if you would like a more cohesive look, sticking to a limited colour palette is key. Try to keep the pattern sizes to a similar scale.“I would suggest that the bottom rug be a handknot or flatweave with a very low pile height,” she says. “As you layer, the thickness of the rugs can increase. This gives a more seamless and practical finish.”Adding a rug to your bedroom over existing carpet is another simple solution to bring colour, personality and intimacy in.media_cameraThis handmade wool rug from Tribe Home adds some hot-pink drama“It’s also a great option if you don’t love the existing carpet in your home,” Christine says.Always use underlay when placing a rug on carpet to stop it from creeping across the room.“Generally you are more likely to select a more subtle, tonal and textual rug for your bedroom compared with the living area, to create a more relaxing space.”media_cameraFun and decorative rugs like this one from West Elm can completely change the feel of a roomCarmine & Teal’s founder, Rachel Ron, says rugs don’t always need to be on the floor.She says they can look great hung vertically as well.“It’s not so common, but I think people are becoming more open to it, probably thanks to the wallpaper trend,” Rachel says. “They are seeking more texture on the wall, and not just in the form of a picture,” she says.They are also surprisingly effective over bedheads.“It’s quite an artistic way to use the rug, or you could drape it across the edge of the bed like a throw,” Rachel says.“It’s a visual focal point.”