Can Crown survive abusing the government it bought? Yes — but at a cost

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Crown was meant to confine its abuses to ordinary citizens. Instead it has treated the Victorian government with the same contempt.

(Image: AAP/Paul Braven)

Has Crown found a way, finally, to offend even the politicians it has spent so much money purchasing the acquiescence of in recent years?

Crown has traversed a path familiar to watchers of industries where user-friendly, pro-corporate regulation bought by political influence and large donations has resulted in abuses so extraordinary that politicians have been forced to reregulate them.

The big banks, energy companies and the aged care sector have ended up facing royal commissions or dramatic reregulation after their systematic abuses of lax regulatory frameworks came back to bite them. Then it was Crown’s turn as it faced a major inquiry in NSW — the one state where it had failed to butter up politicians with donations — followed by a Victorian royal commission.

Want to know why the Victorian government will be reluctant to let Crown in Melbourne shut its doors?

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