Mascot Towers on unstable ground due to ‘loss of soil’, owners say

Mascot Towers on unstable ground due to 'loss of soil', owners say
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October 22, 2019 17:19:05

The owners of Sydney’s troubled Mascot Towers claim new tests have revealed a “loss of soil” under the cracking apartment complex’s north east corner.

The 132-unit block was evacuated in June, and its Owners Corporation today accused the developer of a neighbouring apartment complex, Peak Towers, of denying access to engineers as they try to determine the cause of the structural problems.

In a statement, the Owners Corporation said Aland — the company that built Peak Towers — “needed to come to the table as a matter of urgency”.

“Urgency has arisen following tests revealing a reduction in bearing capacity of soils at the north eastern corner of the building near the boundary of the Peak Towers development,” the statement read.

A report released in October found waterproofing systems used to excavate the basement of Peak Towers likely caused the “destabilisation” of land supporting Mascot Towers.

The Corporation urged Aland to do “the right thing” by the owners and allow them access.

“If Aland is confident that Peak Towers is not of any cause for concern for Mascot Towers, then they should have no difficulty in allowing our engineers access to the site.”

The Corporation claimed Bayside Council records indicated Aland was pumping water out of the Peak Towers basement and discharging it into stormwater drains without approval.

Aland has been contacted for comment.

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October 22, 2019 17:11:43