Morrison transforms the Emissions Reductions Fund into even more of a pork barrel

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Written by The ReReport
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The Emissions Reduction Fund was used by Tony Abbott as a scam to channel pork to Coalition supporters while pretending it would address climate change. Now Scott Morrison faces the same problem, so he’s doing the same thing.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

With the Morrison government dusting off its “Emissions Reduction Fund” to address the political problem of being climate denialists when the electorate wants action on climate change, it’s worth examining the history of the program, and how some things never change.

When what became the government’s Emissions Reductions Fund was first put together by Greg Hunt on the back of an envelope over the summer of 2009-10, it had two purposes. First was to pretend that Tony “climate science is crap” Abbott, who had recently replaced Malcolm Turnbull as Liberal leader, had a climate action policy. The second was to pump taxpayer money into the pockets of Coalition supporters. Not for nothing did “Direct Action” have a strong focus on carbon sequestration by farmers — or “soil magic” as Lenore Taylor brilliantly dubbed it.