Queensland Government releases key state growth data in bid to build state’s future

Queensland State Development Minister Cameron Dick sits in front of a computer.
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November 02, 2018 10:08:45

With Queensland’s growing population expected to hit 6.7 million by 2036, the State Government is throwing out the welcome wagon with a “big data” website aimed at delivering that growth to all the right places.

Key points:

  • Measures that Matter website collates data on a range of key economic indicators
  • Minister says portal is biggest and most extensive of its kind
  • South-east Queensland could create city of 5 million, says Bernard Salt

A new website being launched today gives town planners, developers and even private investors access to the largest amount of public data gathered in one place, in a bid to drive positive growth for the south-east corner.

The Measures that Matter website will offer the latest numbers on a range of key indicators covering housing, transport availability, employment rates and even environmental management.

The information can be searched by region or topic, covering issues from affordable living to growth and prosperity.

State Development Minister Cameron Dick said the website was the biggest and most extensive portal of its kind in Australia.

“One of the biggest challenges we face is being on the front foot of planning during this period of continued population growth,” Mr Dick said.

“This brings together all the important data to track the progress of previous and current growth trends in south-east Queensland in a transparent way that’s not been done before.”

Development ‘with rifle-shot accuracy’

Demographer Bernard Salt said transparent access to data was the key to smart planning.

“This is an example of big data — putting everything into one convenient place,” Mr Salt said.

“We’re a small nation in charge of a big continent with vast spaces, we need to make sure our investment dollars, our tax dollars are directed absolutely with rifle-shot accuracy.

“In order to do that, you need information, you need information centralised and I think that’s what this does.”

Mr Salt said the region from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast had potential to offer a better lifestyle than Melbourne or Sydney for larger populations.

“I think that south-east Queensland can deliver a city of 5 million people in a better format,” Mr Salt said.

“A series of connected but independent cities, operating most like a series of cogs in the back of a watch, to create a better quality of life at 5 million people than we’re currently developing in Melbourne or Sydney at 5 million people.”

The new website compares current data with future trends detailed in the Queensland Government’s 20-year regional plan.

Urban Development Institute of Australia spokeswoman Kirsty Chesser-Brown said the information would unveil key indicators on a level-playing field.

“It is critical in terms of making medium and long-term investment decisions,” Ms Chesser-Brown said.

“It’s obviously being presented in a very user-friendly format.

“It’s just wonderful to have some of those measurable tools at our fingertips to guide future planning decisions and future investment decisions.”

Ms Chesser-Brown said having employment figures and trends available was particularly useful to prepare for sustained growth.

“Over the next 25 years, south-east Queensland is expected to attract an additional 2 million people and an additional 1 million in jobs, so obviously we know that employment is really a key attractor when people are looking to move from southern states,” she said.

“So it’s important we’ll be building towards having that data available, and certainly great in terms of having to attract greater investment to the region.”

























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