Christmas presents for dogs and cats are now big business

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Pets have moved from the doghouse to the family house, and a growing number of furry friends are finding presents for them under Christmas trees.

A new study has found that almost 60 per cent of pet owners plan to buy their animals presents this Christmas, spending an average $43.

Just like humans, wearable technology is becoming popular for pets, with some owners set to spend an average $118 on wearable pet devices such as activity and location trackers, according to the study by Real Insurance.

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Four out of five pet owners say they love their animals as much as their human family, and almost half say their pets typically sleep in their bedroom, the research found. Only one quarter of pets now sleep outside.

media_cameraFood treats are a good option for pet presents, but remember their sensitive stomachs

Real Insurance spokeswoman Tania Bradley noted an increase in pet presents in recent years.

“We expect to see this trend continue into the future, as pets become an even more important part of Australian families,” she said.

Ms Bradley said ideal pet presents included “anything to get your pet moving”, GPS tracking collars, long-lasting chew toys and comfortable beds.

“Make sure you aren’t giving your pet too many treats across the festive break. Even though we may be happily indulging, pet stomachs are a little more sensitive,” she said.

Pet Insurance Australia spokeswoman Nadia Crighton said the growth in pet presents reflected owners treating their “fur babies” like children and wanting them to share in family festive fun.

“I think the proof is in what is now available, with Christmas-themed toys, for pets compared to 10 years ago,” she said.

“Be safe, and realistic. Ensure the size of the gift is appropriate for your pet and like with any toys when they are showing signs of wear and tear remove them.”



  • New bedding $40-$150
  • Grooming packs $25-$200
  • Activity trackers and GPS collars $100-$250
  • HD pet monitoring cameras $250-$350
  • Gift boxes for cats and dogs $50-$55
  • Kennels $90-$400
  • Chew toys $9-$40
  • Clothing $10-$35
  • Food treats $5+

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