Hair care cost-cutting may be easier than you think

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Many women see getting their hair done as a non-negotiable, despite hair care often costing them three or four times as much as men.

A MoneysaverHQ investigation has found that hair maintenance for females typically costs between $160 and $275 every six-to-eight weeks, while men pay $15 to $40 every three-to-six weeks.

However, both sexes can find ways to cut their hair costs.

Sydney career coach Jacquie Hoyes, 49, said she spent $250 every three months on hairdressing expenses plus an additional $200 per quarter on hair product.

“When our hair looks good, we feel good,” she said. “Finding a quality and trusted hairdresser at a price point that one can afford is important.”

Ms Hoyes said she had saved money on hair by stopping using straighteners, buying shampoo in bulk, sharing with family and friends and shopping around for discounted products.

media_cameraJacquie Hoyes, with Milano Hair Studio’s Frankie Douglas-Walton, says we feel good when our hair looks good. Picture: David Swift

Adelaide wealth adviser Phil Parkins, 29, spends just $15 every six weeks at the barber and $8 on supermarket hair products every three months.

“Shop around for a cheap barber and don’t be afraid to tell them how you want your hair cut,” he said.

“Invest in a good electric shaver rather than getting a beard trim at the barber.”

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TONI & GUY Georges Victoria salon owner Jo Smith said women not wanting to spend a fortune every six weeks should use the right home hair care for their lifestyle.

Using toners in between services would help colours look fresher for longer, Ms Smith said.

“We can cover grey roots by alternating the hair line and parting with doing a full head,” she said. “This gives the effect the whole head is done — it’s good for saving money and time.”

Global consumer trends specialist Kristina Dryza said one of the most obvious ways to save money was to avoid buying products from the salon.

“In an age of online comparative shopping, it pays to shop around,” she said.

“You also don’t need to see the most expensive person in the salon. Most junior stylists are hungry to display their talent and skills.”

“They can also search online how to make their own dry shampoo with ingredients already in their pantry and make hair masks from food like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, bananas and mayonnaise. Frugality can be liberating and pleasurable.”

Circles of Subiaco Perth owner Sharlene Lee said you did not have to come in every six weeks — some of her clients stretched it to 12 weeks.


• Visit junior stylists rather than more expensive senior stylists.

• Go to student nights at reputable salons.

• Watch YouTube tutorials about cutting hair.

• Shop around and compare prices online.

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