supermarket shopping can be cheaper if you do it alone

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SHOPPING alone can be a handy way to save money at the supermarket and other stores.Researchers and money specialists say solo shopping removes the potential distraction of friends and family — especially children — taking your mind off the job.Overseas studies have found that up to two-thirds of the stuff we buy was never intended to be purchased, while local consumer group Choice says couples who shop together often put more in their trolley because each person has different views about what’s important.SPENDING: The most dangerous credit card mistakeGROCERIES: Secrets to a great shopping listConsumer psychologist and Deakin University senior lecturer Paul Harrison said shopping with other people was a social experience, and friends might seek to impress friends.media_cameraThere”™s no distractions and no need to impress when shopping alone.“There is strong research showing that having children with you is probably not the best way to do it — they distract you from making good decisions,” he said.“However, shopping with a person who’s thrifty with money could be a helpful thing.”If shopping solo, wear some headphones. “Shop with soothing, calming music. It will help you make better decisions than if you shop with death metal music playing,” Dr Harrison said.Queensland Consumers Association spokesman Ian Jarratt said it was often cheaper to shop alone, and consumers should “stick to your list and use unit pricing to assess value”.Unit prices are mandatory for grocery items in Australia and show how much goods cost per unit of measurement, such as every 100g or litre.The rapid rise of online retail has made people more comfortable shopping solo, although Mr Jarratt said it might not have made them value-conscious.“This is partly due to emphasis on convenience, and the limited ability to use unit pricing due to imprecise search tools.”@keanemoneyOriginally published as How shopping solo saves you cash

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