You can earn Frequent Flyer Points while sleeping using Wellbeing app

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Forget signing up to more credit cards than you can handle or taking flights you can’t afford, or overloading the shopping trolley just to rack up those sweet, sweet frequent flyer points.

From now, Qantas is letting people earn points in the easiest possible way — just by sleeping.

That’s it. Sleeping.

The airline has developed its Qantas Wellbeing app encouraging healthy sleeping habits, and Qantas Frequent Flyer members who use the app can be rewarded with points though the night — as long as they stop checking their phones right before bedtime.

This is how it works. Frequent Flyer members download the app and set their bedtime routine.

At least 30 minutes before your nominated bedtime, you have to put your phone down, and not pick it up again until the morning.

If you manage to do it, you’ll wake up in the morning with five more Qantas Points.

The app has been developed by Qantas Health Insurance and already offers points to members who keep active by walking, swimming and cycling.

The Sleep Health Challenge offers five points a night for a month, and after that it will drop down to 0.5 points per night unless you have a Qantas Health Insurance policy.

Still, it’s a smart way to get us to spend less time on our screens at night, which disrupts sleep health, Sleep Health Foundation sleep scientist Dr Gemma Paech said.

“Poor sleep is associated with impairments to attention, memory and overall mental and physical health,” she said.

“Blue light from phone and computer screens at night can disrupt the production of melatonin — an important sleep hormone that regulates our internal body clock, lets us know when it’s time to sleep and helps us have good quality sleep.

“Not only this, but looking at a phone before bed and during the night can be stimulating and may evoke an emotional response, making us more alert when we should be asleep, resulting in fragmented sleep across the night.”

Four in 10 Australians experience inadequate sleep, the Sleep Health Foundation said.

The app also lets users track how they feel when they wake up so they can review their sleep practices, and offers other ways to earn extra points.

Get more information on the app here.