how to plan your day

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Planning your day is vital to your success. It may seem obvious, but if you stick to a schedule, chances are you”™ll be more productive and more likely to achieve your goals.Letting your day happen “organically”‌ may sound cooler, but according to the experts, this kind of approach will leave you vulnerable to the inevitable distractions, interruptions and unexpected tasks that interfere with your priorities.If it”™s a fact that whatever you don”™t measure doesn”™t get done, the same goes for planning,آ whether it”™s your day, week, month, or yearآ ”” right up to your long-term targets.And no one wants to end their day feeling like it was spaghetti, and that they”™ve hardly achieved anything.I”™ve been a broker for two yearsآ and planning my day allowsآ me to deliver the best possible customer experience.The customer must always come first, so by prioritising tasks relating to customer files, I make sure my customers receive a fast, efficient service.It also helps with productivity, because this ethos makes it very clear what to prioritise.I plan myآ day the night before, although it”™s equally valid to do it in the morning when you”™re fresh, and have been keeping a running list of tasks from previous days.I write down a list of things I need to do the next day and then arrange them in order of importance. This helps me to have a clear picture of what I need to accomplish the next day and increases productivity, because I can hit the ground running first thing in the morning.I”™ve also established a framework of tasks that need to be accomplished each week.For example, I schedule a certain number of business development activities and administration tasks into my week, to make time for them.All activities that relate to the speedy processing of file are prioritised so that customers receive quick approvals for their applications.I prioritise communication with customersآ ”” updating them on the status of their application is essential for customer satisfaction.Lead development is also at the top of my list as it helps to ensure I always have a constant stream of fresh leads.These days, why not capitalise on technology to help organise your time? I am a big fan of Google Calendar, which helps with organising meetings. I also use Mercury, the software provided by my aggregator, to construct a contact schedule for my customers. It reminds me when I need to contact them post settlement.Overall, I adviseآ sticking to your to-do list during the day while being flexible and adept at juggling priorities as things come up. Make sure to put in extra, realistic times for breaks, exercise and planning the next day and carry over any tasks that you have been unable to complete.Top tips from some experts include:Have a morning ritual, such as a walk with the dog or singing to loud music in the shower. Any planning is better than none, even a few tasks on a scrap of paper. Prepare future lists as you go through each day. Decide how much time to give to each item on your task list based on the time available and urgency of each task, then schedule it all in with realistic time frames Allow for some buffer time, for interruptions etc. Make time each week for longer-term roles, goals and projects. Review and reflect on how each day could have been more successful. How to plan your day TheAdviser logo Last Updated: 25 July 2018 Published: 23 July 2018 Written by Vinay Gehi Last Updated: 25 July 2018 Published: 23 July 2018 Vinay Gehi Vinay Gehi Vinay Gehi is the founder/ director of Copper Finance.Vinay”™s background is in customer service, having spent many years in the hospitality industry, great customer service is his passion. Vinay runs First Home Buyers Information Sessions throughout Melbourne to help First home buyers understand the buying process.Vinay is a diehard cricket fan and is looking forward to the Ashes this summer.آ 

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