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Architects unveiled for China’s new tallest tower to be built in Shenzen

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The Chicago-based design firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, has unveiled its winning design for a 700-metre skyscraper in China’s south-eastern metropolis of Shenzhen.

When complete the Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Centre will be China’s tallest building, eclipsing the 635-metre skyscraper Shanghai Tower and will become the third-tallest building in the world behind Dubai’s 828 metre tall Burj Khalifa, and the still to be completed, 1000-metre Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia — also designed by the Chicago firm, which has made megatall structures their speciality.

The glass tower will become the focal point for Chinese property developer Shimao Group’s Shenzhen Longgang Master Plan development. The development is located between Longcheng Park and Dayun Natural Park and is adjacent to several major sporting venues for Shenzhen — the city which links mainland China with Hong Kong.

The tower will have an open-air observation deck. Image: The Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Centre will be the tallest building in China. Image: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture The tower will have one of the highest observation decks in the world. Image: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

The curving ‘anthropomorphic’ design of the tower is a subtle way of “honouring the athletes that train and struggle to have the opportunity to perform in the world-class stadiums, arenas, and natatorium [swimming pool] directly adjacent to and integrated into the overall AS+GG master plan for this project,” says Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Design Partner Adrian Smith, FAIA.

The pinnacle of the tower will feature one of the highest observation decks in the world as well as facilities that include a restaurant, night club, spa, and swimming pool, with views over Shenzhen and beyond. At night, the tower will further showcase the area’s entertainment purposes becoming a “visual, sound, and light show”.

One of the environmental design goals for the project is for the tower and surrounding development to obtain LEED Platinum certification, one of the most popular green building certification programs used worldwide.

The facade will feature high-performance glass to reduce heat, buildings will be orientated to enhance natural ventilation from the east and northeast winds, and a major public transportation centre and bus terminal will be incorporated to efficiently move large the volumes of people travelling to and from the development.

The tower will be the third-tallest in the world. Image: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture The tower will be the third-tallest in the world. Image: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

The site’s master plan contains an extensive landscaped promenades and public spaces for recreation, tourism, art, dining, and social gatherings, all anchored by a new cultural centre and main library.

“Gardens and open spaces were designed to accommodate memorable and unique experiences,” said Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill partner Gordon Gill. “Through an optimised configuration of the buildings and the inclusion of water features, a successful microclimate will improve outdoor comfort throughout the year.”

A mixed-use precinct will surround and connect the Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Centre with a five-star hotel, offices, and conference facilities. A large retail precinct will also occupy the northeast corner of the site, while a community of apartment towers will be situated in the northwest section.

A timeline for the project is yet to be formally announced, however, the South China Morning Post reported that the tower could be completed by 2024, and is expected to cost between 40 to 50 billion yuan ($8.2 billion to $10.3 billion).

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