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infographic australias top yielding suburbs for july 2018

Do you want to invest in a rental property that will give you premium yields? 

The location of your rental property can help determine how much return you are likely to make and ultimately how successful the property is as an investment which generates positive cash flow for you. Yes, those four little numbers mean much more than helping the postman, they make a huge impact on your investment, so pay attention!

For a rental property to give you the best possible return you can consider starting your search by targeting a location which produces high gross rental yields.

Here’s a look at the top yielding suburbs in each state by dwelling type and number of bedrooms right now. The data is taken from our latest top yielding suburbs report – which we publish on the first of each month.

 State Yielding Infographic (15).png

State Yielding Infographic (16).png

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