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Not On-Boarding Your Technical Advisors During Design Development?

Written by The ReReport
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At TTM Consulting, we know that our role as technical advisors in traffic, acoustics, waste and data services is not simply to enable an approval or to meet legislative requirements.

Our role is to work with the client and the client’s team to deliver outcomes that are relevant, functional and leave an enduring positive legacy in terms of both deliverables and the experience of working with us.

In our experience, we find that developers that choose not to on-board their technical consultants early during the concept and design development stages will often pay for it in detailed design and construction through re-work, modifications or contract variations.

The value of technical specialists is to problem solve collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for the development, and the community that the development sits within.

At TTM, we focus on making the development work, and understand that by delivering the development, we are leaving a legacy in built form that will need to contribute to the local environment and be lived in or used by people for decades to come.

It is important to be mindful that developments are complex projects and to get great outcomes is more than ticking boxes or simply meeting code.

The advisors on your project should understand this and focus more on just the codes or guidelines.

Quality advisors proactively work to understand the drivers and motivations of not just the client and their needs, but the decision-makers in the regulatory environment, and the multi-disciplinary advisors in the team.

By gaining this understanding, quality technical advisors will leverage this to inform their advice and achieve better outcomes – and we know this at TTM.

We also understand the commercial drivers for a project, and how, for example, if a strict application of a standard will not function or be feasible — we will investigate alternatives to find a solution that works from a functional, commercial and regulatory perspective.

We generally see two approaches to development, depending on how the business is structured and the scale and complexity of a project:

  1. Outcome focus – in this approach, we see developers engage their specialist consultants at the early design stages to collaboratively work through issues and reduce risk prior to a development application. The focus is on delivering performance-based outcomes; or

  2. Approval focus – with this approach, we see development teams engage specialists once the time comes to submit a DA with the focus on securing an approval over a legacy-driven development outcome.