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These Are the Three Biggest Threats to Humanity: Report

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Obesity, undernutrition, and climate change represent three of the gravest threats to human health, the environment and our planet, highlights the latest Lancet Report.

The distinguished medical journal identifies the three pandemics affecting human health as “the global syndemic”.

And the three major issues are connected. So if we can fix one, the report says it can help towards fixing them all.

The report highlights the three problems are caused by methods of agricultural production, transport, urban design and land use which are taking an enormous toll on human and planetary health.

A syndemic is “a synergy of pandemics that co-occur”, interact and affect people in every country and region around the globe.

“The current costs of obesity are estimated at about $2 trillion annually from direct health-care costs and lost economic productivity.

“These costs represent 2.8 per cent of the world’s GDP,” the report said.

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