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allergic agent fears sting in the tail at auction overrun by bees

Written by The ReReport

Auction crowd was all abuzz when this swam began.

An onsite auction in Sydney almost turned into a full-scale emergency on the weekend when a swarm of bees descended next to the selling agent who was allergic to bees.
Sandy Woodhouse, of LJ Hooker Freshwater, was horrified when a swarm of bees suddenly gathered less than a metre from where she was standing on the corner of a deck.
“I have been stung before and swell up terribly,” she said.
“Because I am allergic to bees and to protect the crowd we had to move the auction from the terrace with the lovely view and go inside,” she said.

Hot Auction North Curl CurlAuctioneer Vic Lorusso had to decamp from the deck with its view to the lounge.

So the doors to the deck of the North Curl Curl house were shut and a beekeeper was called to contain the swarm which was growing on one of the legs of the deck.
“He arrived just as the auction began,” Ms Woodhouse said.
So while a beekeeper kept an eye on the growing swarm and the queen bee the auctioneer, crowd and the table with all the paperwork was moved into the dining room.
The crowd was abuzz by this stage. Just one buyer placed a bid and that secured her the four-bedroom house for $1.505,000.

Home sweet home: 43 Jocelyn St, North Curl Curl.

The original spot for the auction before the bees moved in.

Ms Woodhouse said the vendor was happy to meet the market which has dropped by more than 10 per cent in the last three months. A neighbouring home sold for $1.775 million earlier in the year and 43 Jocelyn St had an auction guide of $1,595,000.
“The house needs about $150,000 worth of work done, including the deck,” she said.


Once the hive is complete beekeepers will be able to safely remove the swarm.
“I have had many things interrupt an auction, mostly pouring rain, but this is unprecedented. I have never had anything like this happen,” Ms Woodhouse said.

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