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altona house with harry potter and alice in wonderland themes set for auction block

Written by The ReReport

The owner of one of Melbourne’s most unique homes is hoping to celebrate after an unusual Sunday auction this weekend. Picture: David Caird

THE Altona house with a Harry Potter bathroom and Alice in Wonderland kitchen that has delighted Melbourne real estate lovers goes under the hammer this weekend.
And the agent is expecting a bit of a crowd.

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Grand Deepdene house takes top spot in Saturday auction action

The 27 Bell Ave home has attracted so many people Barlow McEwan Tribe’s Theo Panay said they could have charged for admission.
“I have got to say, there’s going to be interest,” Mr Panay said.
“We should have been charging people to come and see it.”

AltonaNot sure if Harry Potter or Harry Potty … Picture: David Caird

Other eye-catching features in the house include a tiki bar outside, a main bedroom spiced with Moroccan flair, and a castle-inspired “grand hall”.

Mr Panay said an unusual auction date suited the already unique home — named Temple of Mood — and had been set to coincide with an auspicious date on the Chinese calendar.
It won’t hit the auction block until 1.30pm Sunday October 21, despite the vast majority of auctions taking place on a Saturday.

AltonaThere’s a hint of Moroccan spice in the bedroom. Picture: David Caird

Behind all the unique, eye-catching features, the house is the size of a four-bedroom home, but contains just two bedrooms.
Even so, more than 12 prospective buyers have asked for a contract for the home that is priced from $950,000-$1,040,000.
“As much as people love it, it’s a certain type of person who is going to purchase a home like this,” Mr Panay said. “But it’s a great buy.”
CoreLogic’s Australian head of real estate Geoff White said quirky homes could often prove surprising at auction.
“Things that are a bit quirky, you can be quite amazed by the results — so it could surprise us all,” Mr White said.

AltonaThere’s even a library for the next owner to start getting some of their own novel inspirations. Picture: David Caird

And any sort of wow factor could help, with Melbourne’s clearance rate balanced on a razor’s edge between buyers and sellers after the clearance rate settled at 50.4 per cent last week, the lowest since March 2012.
“If ever there was an indication that the auction market is very balanced between buyers and sellers, that is it,” Mr White said.
“But for those people buying and selling, if you are doing so in the same market, it shouldn’t impact you that much. Particularly if you are going to a bigger home.

“Agents have said to me this week that the A-grade properties are still seeing activity, but ones that are not sought by buyers are often more run of the mill.”

43 Gloucester St, ReservoirThe classic brick facade at 43 Gloucester St, Reservoir has a number of buyers interested ahead of its Saturday auction.

An A-grade location, original features and a renovated bathroom and kitchen were helping 43 Gloucester St, Reservoir win buyers’ attention.
Ray White’s Chris Vlahos said the immaculate house had up to three families interested in it, with timber floors, an original fireplace and a convenient location between the suburb’s major amenities all part of the appeal.

43 Gloucester St, ReservoirThe home at 43 Gloucester St, Reservoir comes with charming interiors highlighted with timber windows and floors.

“There’s a bit of everything, and it’s in a good central point,” Mr Vlahos said.
“Families from the local area and even the eastern suburbs are looking at it.”
It goes under the hammer with a $930,000-$1.02 million asking price at 3pm Saturday.

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