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artistsae eccentric sunnybank house has walls of bookshelves and a pink bathroom

Written by The ReReport

The house at 45 Coolinda St, Sunnybank, is for sale.

WHAT happens when a bibliophile and a potter buy a house together?
Bright coloured walls of different textures and extreme bookshelves are the result of Corinne Fietcher and Clement Joseph’s artistic desires.

The walls in the lounge have a variety of colours and textures.

This eccentric yet delightful Sunnybank residence has been home to the couple for the past seven years, who bought it for the convenience of the location.
“We saw a lot of potential in it and as we had two teenage children at the time … we liked there were buses, trains and the ability for them to ride bikes,” Ms Fietcher said.
“It meant they could be independent and get themselves from point A to B.”

This is a booklover’s paradise!

Ms Fietcher is a librarian and also has a degree in Fine Arts, and her husband a nurse by trade, but an amateur potter at home.
So naturally, when they renovated the 45 Coolinda St home, they would turn it into their creative sanctuary.
They built bookshelves that spanned entire walls, landscaped the property, replaced the roof and added solar.

Their niece said they should paint the walls pink — so they did!

They even painted the bathroom pink, to the excitement of Ms Fietcher’s niece.
“My niece said we should paint it pink, so I did,” she said.
“When you’ve got an older place, you can indulge yourself in that kind of thing (and) we thought she would get a kick out of it for a few years.”

The kitchen has secret cabinets.

An update of the kitchen also saw secret storage space.
“I have a secret cupboard. It doesn’t look like a cupboard but it has a power point so I can charge devices without cords hanging out everywhere,” Ms Fietcher said.
She said they had also enjoyed time playing with their children and dogs at a reserve that backs onto their property and that they would miss living there.

Outdoors is landscaped, and under the house is Mr Joseph’s pottery area.

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