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auctions will be cairnsae biggest selling method in future

Written by The ReReport

WANT to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price?
Consider taking it to auction.
One of the city’s leading real estate agents has said Cairns will one day reach the crazy heights of auctions in Sydney and Melbourne, where the majority of homes are sold that way.
“The homes we put up for auction definitely sell faster than doing it the old-fashioned way,” RE/MAX principal Tony Williamson said.
“And if you list it and it sells the next day, some people might think that’s a great result but it might not be what the market would pay.”
Last week eight properties went to auction at the Whitfield chapel, owned by RE/MAX.
One sold prior to the auction, two sold that night and two more sold the next day.
Mr Williamson said the remaining four properties would sell this week.
“No one can question an auction, the agent has demonstrated over four weeks what will be the best a market will pay. The auction is the purest form of real estate, that why deceased estates and mortgagee-in-possession sales are done by auctions,” he said.
“It takes the pressure off the sellers too. If it doesn’t go to auction you have to come up with a price, and that is subjected to offers.
“With an auction there is no pricepoint, but they do set the reserve on the day of the auction.”
He believes Cairns will get to the stage where the majority of sales are via auction.

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