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Aussie renter shares shock at finding mushroom growing out of wall

An Australian mum has made a horror discovery in her rental property. Picture: Facebook
Written by The ReReport
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An Aussie mum has taken to social media to share her disgust after finding a mushroom growing out of the windowsill of her rental home.

The woman, who posted a photo of the grim find on Facebook, also asked for advice on how to handle the situation.

She explained she was especially worried about the growth as she had a young daughter and had just signed a second 12 month lease recently.

“We are currently renting. We have been at our current house for 12 months and have signed another 12 month lease about 3-4 months ago,” she explained.

“This house is almost 100 years old and needs A LOT of TLC. The owners refuse to paint it OR put fly screens on our windows (seems like they don’t want to spend a cent).

“About six weeks ago, I found a mushroom growing out of our walls in our laundry. I have an almost two year old so this was obviously very alarming. Who knows what’s going on behind the walls!”

The mum claims she has been fobbed off by her agent. Picture: Facebook

The mother said she had contacted her real estate agent many times to report the problem, only to be fobbed off every time.

“I have contacted the real estate probably five or six times about this, and am told every time I call that the property manager ‘isn’t in’ or ‘isn’t available’,” she said.

“The real estate are aware of the issue, and I have sent photos through but have not heard anything back.

“What can I do from here on? I don’t even know how to take it further.”

But it seems this family is not alone.

Late last year, a report commissioned by consumer group Choice, housing affordability peak body National Shelter and the National Association of Tenant Organisations found nearly half of the 1547 renters surveyed were scared of being evicted if they asked for a repair.

More than two-thirds believed their rent might be increased, and most simply thought the request would be ignored.

“Australians have stronger consumer protections when they buy something from their local supermarket than when they spend tens of thousands of dollars renting a home,” Choice director of campaigns and communications Erin Turner said in a statement at the time.

“We’ve got families living with mould all over their homes and left waiting weeks for repairs — this simply isn’t good enough. It’s time for consistent and fair laws that guarantee every Australian has a safe, secure and affordable home.”