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cairnsae dayatech automation lists security blinds as top gadgets

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HOME automation might still be new to the Far North but according to one industry expert, the demand for keyless entry, automatic light systems is set to ramp up in the next six months.
And, for a relatively small cost, retrofitting automatic devices into a home under renovation will boost the sale price of any home considerably.
Dayatech Automation owner Hemant Daya said local builders were starting to receive questions on how new homes could be automated from buyers. He said while whole home solutions were most easily fitted into new houses or apartments, older homes could also choose from a range of devices to increase appeal when they are put on the market.
“You can put these things in for a relatively small cost — think of it as like when you add an airconditioning unit to a home,” Mr Daya said.
“With a system like ours, once you’ve got the brain (or hub) of the automation system that you have to purchase, you can then add on different things along the way.
“It doesn’t all have to be done at the one time at a great cost.
“You might just want to do lighting and then in another few months, you add some security.
“When we do a retrofit, it is usually during a renovation.”
Audio systems, lighting, security, blinds and curtains and air conditioners are the top items which will impress buyers.
Mr Daya and wife Evonne said prospective home buyers were most amazed by keyless entry systems, which they have installed in their home.
“Our neighbours don’t have a pool but we are fine for them to use it anytime, so they will contact us through the security system, I’ll have a chat and can talk to them and open the door for them,” Mrs Daya said.
“There is a motion detector on the door too so if someone is there, I will know and I can check it from my phone. It also means you can go for a run without keys in your pocket.”
A central music system was also popular and allows for the whole family to play their own tracks in their own rooms.
Mr Daya said monitoring airconditioning units also provided a commercial advantage.
“Especially for people who are renting out their house through Airbnb, it is handy for them to monitor because they won’t want guests leaving for the day and leaving the aircon on all day when they have to pay the electricity bill.”
Media rooms equipped with motorised blackout shades and the ability to automatically dim lights were also popular.
Mr Daya said in the last six months, the turnaround in builders wanting to install automation had increased.
“The general awareness is getting higher. Now, when people are remodelling, they’re having conversations on what they can and cannot put in,” he said.
“Usually, we’re hearing from builders and architects that people are asking them what they can install in their new homes. They know what they want and the market is going to rapidly change.” TOP AUTOMATIONS

1. AUDIO — multizoned audio systems let you listen to music in the lounge room, bedroom or on the back deck. Currently technology allows for the option to set up to five different tracks for five different living areas.

2. LIGHTING — keep energy bills down with the ability to flick the switch on all the lights in the house from one app on your mobile phone. Just think, no more yelling at the kids to turn the lights off before they leave the house.

3. SECURITY — keyless entry means no more hiding a key under the potplants for the kids or friends when they drop over, or going for a run with a set of metal jangling in your pocket. Control who comes into your house via a mobile phone or other smart device at any time.

4. MOTORISED BLINDS — set curtains and blinds to open or close to take advantage or block out the morning or afternoon sun.

5. AIR-CONDITIONERS — kids have a habit of leaving the aircon on when the leave the house? Want to keep costs down when guests or Airbnb customers are staying at your home? Keeping a tab on what airconditioning unit is running when can be done from anywhere, anytime.

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