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desperate millennials take on ghosts to get on property ladder

Written by The ReReport

About 40 per cent of people believe they’ve lived in a haunted house.

A WHOPPING 40 per cent of people believe they’ve lived in a haunted house, with over half “hearing strange noises” – but that’s not enough to stop desperate Millennials buying a ghost house if it’s cheap.
New research shows Millennials desperate to get a foot on the property ladder will even share haunted houses with ghosts if the price is right.
It found that while older buyers won’t take on a haunted house no matter how low the price or how big the kitchen, for Millennials having a friendly – or even unfriendly ghost – is not a stumbling block at all.

Spooky, abandoned, old wooden home in Texas, USA.A lower pricetag will persuade Millennials to buy a haunted house.

However, they do need to have a good sweetner to the deal, according to the annual Haunted Real Estate Report.
A whoppinhg 18 per cent of buyers would not even blink if the house they could afford was haunted, while 17 per cent of spooked Millennials would even throw aside all fears over a haunted house if the price tag was lowered, it found.
“In a competitive market, it’s harder for prospective buyers to be extremely selective,” chief economist Danielle Hale said.
“If a house is commensurately priced, or has desirable features, the fact that it may be haunted seems to matter less. This report shows that, for those looking for a good deal, a lower price, better neighborhood, or larger kitchen can balance out a few spooky happenings.”

stairway to heaven?Nothing will persuade the majority of older buyers from buying a ghost house.

For the third of people who said they’d buy a haunted house for “something more” in the deal, sweetners included a cheaper home price (15 per cent), a larger kitchen and better neighborhood (both 9 per cent each).
Around 49 per cent of those surveyed agreed “there’s no price low enough or kitchen large enough to make them purchase a haunted home”.
‘The older generation of home buyers is the most reluctant to move into a haunted house,” it found, with 61 per cent of those over 55 insisting that they would never buy a haunted home as opposed to 41 per cent of millennials and Gen X’ers”.


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