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dress ups and street parties growing in popularity

Written by The ReReport

Balloons are being used in the Hills to help young trick-or-treaters

THOUSANDS of orange balloons have been distributed throughout The Hills to help youngsters know who to trick or treat – but one resident has gone all out setting up a haunted house with graveyard and swamp in her garden.
West Pennant Hills mum Georgia Sedgmen admits she loves any celebrations but Halloween has always been that extra bit special.
She has converted her carport and backyard into a spooky playground with a cemetery, a swamp scene, a rickety bridge and grim reaper (thankfully he’s electronic). There is also a haunted house with its own ticket booth and turnstile.

Halloween celebrations at Victoria Rd West Pennant HillsThe decorations are out at this West Pennant Hills home

“We are a stand alone – the rest of our street doesn’t do it – we are just crazy Halloween fanatics,’’ Ms Sedgmen said.
“The reason we do it is for the kids – they get so much joy and excitement out of the haunted house and the celebrations.’
The elaborate decorations were initially only intended for a family party held last weekend but Ms Sedgmen decided to open her property – located on Victoria Rd (Castle Hill Rd end) – to the public to raise money for the Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick.

Halloween celebrations at Victoria Rd West Pennant HillsMs Sedgmen (left) says Halloween is one of her favourite celebrations

“Halloween just stuck with me since I was a child because our whole neighbourhood would come together,’’ she said.
“We also have a very cool projection that we ordered from America this year so once it gets dark it looks like there are zombies on the windows.
Around 12,000 orange balloons have been distributed through parts of The Hills in a bid to make the increasingly popular Halloween festivities safer for youngsters.
Real estate agency Louis Carr are supporting the event to foster a community feel in West Pennant Hills, Castle Hill, Kellyville and Beaumont Hills.
They will also be running costume competitions for each suburb.

Halloween celebrations at Victoria Rd West Pennant HillsYoungsters visiting the property at West Pennant Hills must cross the rickety bridge

“It is about a community feel and also to make it as safe as possible so kids are not just wandering the streets knocking on doors,’’ said agent Michael Roberts.
“It is also awareness to remind people that it is Halloween and to have their lollies ready.’’
Mr Roberts, who has three children, stressed that even with the balloons, tricker-or-treaters will still need parental supervision.
Party supply companies in The Hills have been inundated this week with people buying fake cobwebs, creepy costumes and vampire teeth.

Louis Carr Real EstateAround 12,000 Halloween balloons have been distributed throughout The Hills

Jennifer Gardner, store manager of Roni’s Just Party at Castle Hill, said they have sold out of many of their larger decorations with last minute shopping. Among the best selling items are fake blood, plastic spiders and animated decorations that move or talk.
“Halloween is getting a lot more popular every year but it also depends on what day it falls on – it had been a bit slower because it is midweek but in the past couple of days it has become really busy – people have been going costume crazy,’’ she said.

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