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One of Marco Calvino custom designed homes at Brookwater Residential.

Springfield Land Corporation has launched the latest residential offering at Brookwater Residential –Dress Circle.


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Brookwater Residential general manager Nick Kostellar said the new offering had been approved for up to 897 blocks, and resident master architect Marco Calvino had already started planning a range of homes.

Marco Calvino custom designs homes at Brookwater Residential.

“Most of the designs use natural materials, so in terms of timber and stone I try to tie it back to the great local setting of the golf course,” Mr Calvino said.


Mr Calvino, who has been instrumental in the community’s master design, believes it is important to embrace an indoor/outdoor design to make the most of the setting.
“The other element is trying to really embrace the golf course and trying to bring it in to the house.
“The natural setting is really what we’re trying to maximise.
“I’ve been involved in all the master planning and the land releases to make sure that the land offering that we put in to the market will get the best design outcome.
“Looking at slopes and just looking at traditional curvatures and aspects close to the golf course.”

Architect Marco Calvino said the maximised design using the natural setting.

Mr Kostellar said to buy into the new precinct would cost between $1 million to $1.5 million for a quality home on the golf course.
“Predominantly we sell to second, third home buyers … million-dollar investment on the golf course,” he said.
“It’s not an investment product. (It is) families and a high proportion of owner occupiers – that’s our main market.”
According to, the estate is set to have its own concierge service.
“With the increased prosperity and demand for a luxurious lifestyle, residents are looking to work and live in communities,” it said.

Brookwater Residential’s master plan.

Mr Kostellar said they had reached the halfway point for Brookwater.
“We’ve developed golf course frontage land around the back nine holes, and that’s what we’ve been focused on for the past 17 years,” he said.
“Now we’ve just started … Dress Circle, which is around the front nine golf holes.”
Mr Calvino said it would meet buyers expectations for lock up and leave style apartments.


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“The first eight are in the process of being developed and will be released in the new year,” Mr Kostellar said.
“Podium Apartments … will be released to the market first quarter of 2019 and will cater to the downsizer market.
“They are all three-bedroom products.”

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