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free hovercrafts included in off the grid home price

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32 Blackney Rd, The Gurdies, comes with its own hover craft!

Ever dreamt of living like a Bond villain?
A coastal Victorian farm might just have you covered.
Thought about living the off-the-grid lifestyle with more than 750m frontage to Western Port Bay? You’re in luck.
Dreamed of getting around in an unexpected vehicle that’s oddly suited to a chase sequence? Never fear, there’s a hovercraft capable of hitting 90km an hour included in the sale.
Which is perfect, given the quick-sand-like mud patches in the area surrounding 32 Blackney Rd, The Gurdies.

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Off the grid property: ‘It makes you think more people should live off the grid’

32 Blackney Rd, The Gurdies32 Blackney Rd, The Gurdies, has extensive frontage to the coastline.

But, despite the Bond-villain style lair, owner Frank Prainito thinks he’d be one of the good guys.
It’s hard to argue with the man who founded luxury homewares brand Canning Vale with his father Giovanni Prainito in 1977.
While he’s now selling the property, he’s spent four years transforming the once weed-choked land that makes up his more than 45ha property back into pristine coastline.

32 Blackney Rd, The GurdiesWhy just enjoy the million-dollar view from the deck, when you could take your own hovercraft out into it?

And he brought in the hovercrafts to protect the local ecosystem centred on the Hurdy-Gurdy Creek which bisects the property.
“The coastal stream is quite delicate, so with the hovercraft you fly about six inches above the ground and you damage nothing,” Mr Prainito said.
“It’s very, very gentle.”
And very, very fun.
Even at a more realistic 45km an hour it can reach French Island — about 6km off the coast from the farm — in a matter of minutes.

32 Blackney Rd, The GurdiesThe property also offers a charming array country-style of interior spaces.

It also lets you explore nearby tidal islands covered in shells and golden sands that are almost inaccessible by other means.
The main farm has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a pantry with a walk-in cool room, and garaging for the hovercraft.
A windmill and 48 solar panels combine with backup generators to power the property, while a range of springs and rain catchment provide water.

32 Blackney Rd, The GurdiesAnd there’s a nice view when you’re on your way back to the house.

100 Blackney Rd, The Gurdies100 Blackney Rd, The Gurdies, is the ideal partner property to its neighbour at No. 32.

Sewerage is also dealt with onsite by a worm farm biosystem.
Just over 100 black Wagyu cattle are currently on site and could be included if the buyer purchased the site as a going concern.
A neighbouring three-bedroom cottage at 100 Blackney Rd, perfect for guests, is also for sale.
And could be sold either with the main farm or separately, plus its own hovercraft.

“It’s very important to us that if someone else were to acquire the property that they would enjoy the bay in a responsible way,” Mr Prainito said.

100 Blackneys Rd, The GurdiesThe cottage is comfortable in its own right.

The property was only supposed to be a weekend escape from Toorak for he and his wife, but Mr Prainito has now sold his home in Melbourne and is looking to create a similar farm in the area that’s better suited to visits from his grown up children and their partners.

Known as Seafront Farms, the property is being offered for sale both locally and internationally.
Alex Scott Real Estate director Tom Gibson is handling inquiries and said the homes had already had a few offers made.

32 Blackney Rd, The GurdiesThe main address makes the most of the surrounding landscape from inside as well.

He estimated the main property would sell for about $3.5 million, and the smaller cottage would collect about $1.3 million — including its own hovercraft in the sale.
“There’s a lot of homes with great views, but they don’t have the ready access to the views this does,” Mr Gibson said.
Expressions of interest are due by January 31, 2019, with the sellers open to a long settlement.

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