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geelongaes star role as couple chases dream home in new reality tv show

Written by The ReReport

Shaynna Blaze with Ali and Lis on Buying Blind, one of a number of property shows on television. Picture: Graeme Taylor

FIRST there was Hot Property, then Location, Location, Location Australia and Buying Blind, now Nine Entertainment is getting into the property game and Geelong gets a star role.
Barry Plant, Highton agents Jennefer West and Kieron Hunter were tasked with presenting three properties in the suburb to a professional couple contemplating a move from Melbourne.


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Jennefer West gives a sneak peek behind the scenes of an episode of Find Me a Dream Home.

Production company iCandy Productions is filming the show, Find Me A Dream Home to air on 9Life in 2019.
“The couple were from Melbourne and they wanted to make a lifestyle change and buy a property in Geelong,” Ms West said.
“One was a lawyer, one a doctor and they were looking to buy within a certain price guide, so we had to present three homes to them.
“The wife will be working in Geelong and the husband will commute back to Melbourne,” she said.

Auction - 7 Desmond St, HightonBarry Plant agent Kieron Hunter also presented Highton homes to the couple. Picture: Mike Dugdale

Ms West kept mum about the properties featured on the show, but she said two hadn’t been listed on the market yet.
“They thought the value here and what we were able to show them was quite surprising,” she said.
“We were able to show them some properties on quite decent-sized blocks of land which in Melbourne they just couldn’t find in their price range.
“Here they were definitely able to buy more with their money.”
The show was no outlandish script, but a familiar story for Geelong real estate agents,
“We’re meeting Melbourne buyers every weekend. They’re coming down and are just loving what they’re finding in Geelong from a whole lifestyle point of view.”

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