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gold coast property what to look out for to eliminate hidden building costs

Written by The ReReport

Unexpected costs are one of the biggest barriers to building, a survey by Porter Davis and has found.

FIRST home builders are being urged to do their research and ask plenty of questions to avoid any nasty surprises.
It comes after a national survey revealed unexpected costs were one of the biggest barriers to building.
More than 60 per cent of people said unexpected costs or going over budget was the biggest barrier to building followed by stress throughout the process, time to complete and move in, and funding.
More than 500 people who had bought or were planning to buy property took part in the survey.

Survey results. Source: New Homes Buyer Journey Research conducted by Hall & Partners and

Survey results. Source: New Homes Buyer Journey Research conducted by Hall & Partners and

Porter Davis sales and marketing general manager Shaun Patterson said people were often so excited about building their home they forgot to ask important questions.
He encouraged people to find a good builder who communicated well and explained all the features included in the build cost and ask lots of questions.
“It’s your right to ask the question, it’s going to be your house,” he said.
“Make sure that you get the details and find someone you can trust.”
He said in certain areas of South East Queensland, site costs could add up to $35,000 more onto your build due to issues such as rock removal and engineering.
Other times, he said some people expected certain features to be included in the cost, which wasn’t always the case.
“Some builders might not have them included, you might just assume that when you buy a house, there’s going to be light fittings,” he said.

Buying a new house - ConceptBuyers are being urged to go with a good builder and ask lots of questions to avoid unexpected costs.

While it was difficult, he encouraged buyers to stick to their budget as best they could, even if that meant sacrificing certain items to invest more in the important ones.
“When you’re building your house, you really want to make sure that you are sticking to your budget,” he said.
“Some people find that fixtures and fittings are really important and others might say, ‘we want better entertainment’.”
Porter Davis has introduced fixed site costs for new builds to eliminate some uncertainties.

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