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gordon park couple net 100k more after small renovations

Written by The ReReport

A GORDON Park couple netted almost $100,000 more than their house had previously been appraised for by forgoing their real estate agent.
Instead, the couple spent a little more than the $20,000 they would have spent on an agent, investing in making a few adjustments to their house instead.

BEFORE: The kitchen was tidy, but dated.

Revolutionary Real Estate property marketing strategist David Kaity said by the couple being selective about where they invested their money, they were able to see great return on investment, instead of over capatilising.
“Local agents were appraising the home in the high fives ($500,000) to the low sixes ($600,000),” Mr Kaity said.
“They spent money on strategic cosmetic improvements and the sale ended up being $715,000.
“When you spend a dollar, you should only spend it where there will be two or three dollars return.”

AFTER: A quick, strategic tidy up of the kitchen helped net a greater profit.

Mr Kaity said he guided sellers through the process of marketing and selling their home, while undertaking the tricky parts – like contracts – for them.
“It’s a flat fee of $5,500. There is no contract and people are only expected to pay if they thought the guidance and help was worth it.”

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