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green laws key to attracting buyers

Written by The ReReport

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North Queensland is very dry at the moment and is in dire need of good rain. Our yards are dry and brown and nothing creates a bad impression like a dusty dry yard, writes REIQ Townsville Zone chairman Wayne Nicholson.
If you are selling your home or thinking of selling your home, or if you have a vacant rental property that needs a tenant, you need to make an effort to water your lawns and gardens within the Council water restriction guidelines.
Townsville buyers are well aware that water restrictions are preventing lawns from being lush and green and most buyers and tenants we deal with understand. However, there is just no substitute for turning up to an inspection with green tidy lawns and gardens.
We live in the best part of Australia and our carefree lifestyle is envied by many but there’s no denying we are the dry tropics.
This time of year most properties are suffering from drought-like conditions but with minimal effort we can have our property presented well to the buyer. A well-maintained lawn and garden can mean the difference between a buyer being attracted to your property or moving on to the next.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Everybody feels good about a nicely presented yard and it puts buyers in a good frame of mind when they enter the home and check out the interior.
A dry, barren lawn and garden is a sad sight and although buyers are semi accepting of this the initial wow factor of the home is diminished greatly. By using the Council water restrictions to the letter (and, remember, there are penalties if you abuse the restrictions) you will be able to green up your property and present to the market in a much better light.
It takes a bit of effort in these trying conditions of restrictions but I was always taught that nothing is achieved without effort, and a dry barren yard could mean thousands of dollars in a sale price or waiting a long time to gain a tenant.
Come on Townsville we can beat this thing called backyard drought by simply adhering to the water restrictions and being disciplined about watering your yard. You should always ask your REIQ agent what can be done to improve your chances of a sale at the point of listing and I can assure keeping your property green and tidy will be on the list.

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