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Guess what? This home has a hidden bath under the floorboards

Guess what? This home has a hidden bath under the floorboards
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A stunning architecturally designed home in Coburg North has one very cool hidden feature: a bath lies underneath the floorboards.

It’s hard to believe that the incredible property at 44 Spectrum Way is located in Coburg North, 12km from Melbourne’s CBD. With Merri Creek as the backyard, it feels more like a country retreat than a family home just outside the city.

44 Spectrum Way in Coburg is designed by Breathe Architecture. Picture:

Designed by Breath Architecture, the home is completely at one with nature.

There’s a long list of cool features the house has bragging rights to, including an outdoor built-in firepit, a sunken lounge with a two-way fireplace and expansive double glazed windows, plus the open-air corridor that connects each of the three living areas together.

The home is completely at one with nature. Picture:

However, it’s in the bathroom where you’ll find the coolest feature, which is also a hidden secret.

The Japanese-style bathroom is decked out with exposed copper tapware and wooden slats to replicate the use of timber throughout the rest of the home.

While it would appear there’s a shower in the corner of the room, the floorboards actually open up to reveal a stunning sunken bath underneath.

Using a lever, the slats (the ground of the shower), can be hoisted up to indulge in a generously poured bath.

The ground of the shower lifts up to reveal a sunken bath. Picture:

The door at the end of the bath also opens out to nature so you can truly soak up the surrounds.

Drain the bath, detach the slats and it’s back to being a modest shower.

The home is currently on the market with a price tag of $1.9m-$2.1m and is attracting both architecture lovers and those who like to live immersed in nature.