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Gyton Grantley reveals the stories behind some of his favourites

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Inside Story with Gyton Grantley

Gyton Grantley takes it easy in a corner of his home. Pictures: Chris Groenhout.

Beatboxing with a sulphur-crested cockatoo is probably one of the more unusual experiences Gyton Grantley has ever had.

But as the actor discovered, anything can happen in his role as co-host of TV series Pooches at Play — even imitating the sound of a drum machine to an enthusiastic feathered friend.

“I did a beat (sound) and this cockatoo started head banging along and then all of a sudden I was jamming with him,” Grantley said. “There’s certainly been a lot of firsts for me on this show.”

The Logie and AFI award winner is widely known for his TV roles as the notorious gangster Carl Williams in true-crime miniseries Underbelly and Kane, a gay stay-at-home partner in House Husbands.

He has also acted in movies including Balibo, Beneath Hill 60 and The Dressmaker, where he starred alongside Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth.

“I think the moment of realisation that I wanted to be an actor goes back to when I was six and put on a puppet play for my class,” he said.

“It was then I figured out that I was good at telling stories and entertaining people and that I really enjoyed it. I love how acting gives me the ability to explore the different facets of human life and characters that are out there.”

The 38-year-old, who will play Ron Weasley in the Australian production of this year’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage show, grew up in Brisbane and studied acting at Queensland University of Technology.

He later moved to Sydney, where he lived in Bondi for 12 years, before recently settling in Melbourne, where he shares a house in Ivanhoe with wife Alex and their son, Rocco, 2.

Repeats of series 3 of Pooches at Play air Saturdays at 8am on Channel 10.

Inside Story with Gyton Grantley

Grantley, who knew he wanted to be an actor since he was six.

Typical Saturday morning

We start the day off with porridge and coffee — porridge for Rocco and coffee for me — and then I like to have a smoothie. If the weather is good, we’ll all go for a walk along the creek.

Secret domestic skill

I bake our son’s birthday cake each year. The first cake I made was in the shape of a train, and last year I made a helicopter.

Signature dish

I am very proud of my burgers at the moment. I have a friend who toured the US on a “burger quest”. He came up with the perfect burger recipe, right down to the cut of meat and how it is minced. He shared the recipe with me and I have been perfecting it on the barbecue.

Chill-out music

Lately, it has been a lot of Winston Surfshirt. I like the album Sponge Cake.

On my bedside table

The novel We Need to Talk About Kevin, a self-help book on golf and a teddy bear I was given when I was born. His name is Ralph and when Rocco comes in for a cuddle in the morning, Ralph joins the party as well.

Ideal night in

A barbecue on the deck with a few friends and some music, good food, wine, conversation and laughter.

Happiness at home

Bob Marley on the record player and Rocco and I building blocks on the rug while Alex’s sugo (Italian tomato sauce) bubbles away on the stove, filling the house with its incredible aroma.

My favourite things


This was a birthday present from my cousin about five years ago, but it wasn’t until we bought our house in Ivanhoe a year and a half ago that I was able to finally use it. I was just looking for the perfect swinging spot. We back on to Darebin Creek, so we’re surrounded by lots of gum trees and banksias and all sorts of bird life. I find the hammock a really special place to relax and read scripts or just have a think. The rhythm you get from the swinging really settles me and can be quite meditative.

Inside Story with Gyton Grantley

A special place to relax.


My brother, Billy, gave me this Astro Boy toy as a present for my 30th birthday. We have a tradition of giving each other toys for our birthdays, specifically anything we would have loved when we were 10 years old. Every year, there will be gifts ranging from remote-controlled cars to figurines — those boyhood joys. Astro Boy was a cartoon we both loved and watched religiously as kids. We grew up in Brisbane on the edge of some bushland, so my brother and I were often out adventuring in the bush and down by the creek, playing explorers and building slingshots and bows and arrows.

Inside Story with Gyton Grantley

A reminder of Grantley’s boyhood.


I am a big water baby and love the beach. I have managed to do a fair bit of travelling in my life so far and started collecting sand in little food-colouring bottles as a nice way to remember places I’d visited. It’s also incredible to compare the different kinds of sand around the world and how pretty they all look together. I don’t have sand from every beach I have been to, but I’d certainly have more than 50 bottles now, including volcanic sand from Sunset Beach in Hawaii and the powdery-white sand of Sunshine Beach in Queensland. I keep the collection in a custom-made cabinet that was designed with tiny pigeonholes to fit each bottle. It’s my tactile photo album.

Inside Story with Gyton Grantley

A collection of different sand from around the world.


When my grandfather, Vern, passed away, I inherited his red phone. He was a journalist for the ABC and I have fond memories of him sitting at his desk and working on this phone — the blower! It is such a fantastic-looking piece of machinery and reminds me of a simpler time where the extent of traipsing around with your phone would be limited by the length of your phone cord. I always admired my grandfather’s determination and his passion for journalism. He overcame a lot of adversity in his life. He had tuberculosis as a child and was bedridden for about 10 years. He was also an orphan who lived with a few different foster families. But through all that, he managed to get himself a cadetship as a journalist, start a family and build himself a highly respectable career.

Inside Story with Gyton Grantley

The old blower.


I really love vinyl. I got a record player about 10 years ago in a flea market and ever since then, whenever I am in an op-shop, I will trawl through the second-hand records and find a few odd bits of gold. I have come across a few winners, but George Benson has a lot of fond memories for me. Mum and Dad used to play him a lot in the house when I was growing up. Our son, Rocco, is also a big fan of what is probably George’s biggest hit, Give Me the Night. As soon as we put that on, the whole family has a bit of a boogie in the living room.

Inside Story with Gyton Grantley

Triggering living-room dance sessions: George Benson.

Alarm clock

You really have to hear this to appreciate it. The alarm is Jimmy Barnes doing his trademark Jimmy Barnes scream. It was a Kris Kringle present and speaks for itself, really. There was one time it went off at 2am and there’s nothing more alarming (no pun intended) than to have Jimmy Barnes screaming repeatedly at the other end of the house at that hour of the morning. I don’t use this alarm to wake up every day, though. It sits on the mantelpiece and provides a bit of entertainment.

Inside Story with Gyton Grantley

Wake-up call: the Jimmy Barnes alarm clock.