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Important things to keep in mind when buying a kid’s bed

Important things to keep in mind when buying a kid’s bed
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Make your little one’s room dreamy. All pictures show furniture from Focus on Furniture. Pictures: Focus on Furniture

In the past, kids were stuck with whatever bed was handed down or bought from a store where the selection was limited.

But these days, the children’s bed section is heaving with possibility.

Whether you’re after novelty beds, practical beds with storage, or space-saving bunk beds, it’s a fair bet you will find it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping to ensure your child is comfortable and you don’t blow a stack of money.

You can take your pick from a vast range these days.

Keep it simple

Focus on Furniture interior stylist Melissa Gullifer recommended parents kept the bed simple.

“Overcomplicated styling is unnecessary, as children grow up so quickly and their tastes change as they transition through their childhood years,” Ms Gullifer said.

“Try to consider their likes and dislikes, but don’t go out and buy your three-year-old daughter an expensive princess bed because in three to four years’ time she will go off it.”

She suggested choosing a timeless option such as an upholstered bed or one with a timber or simple-coloured bed frame. “(These) will give you the flexibility to add a variety of affordable quilt covers to update as your child grows,” she said.

Melissa Gullifer suggests timeless options. Picture: Brien Bourke

An upholstered bed keeps the look classic.

Space invaders

The size of the bedroom will play a big role in the bed size you buy.

“Think about how much space you have in your child’s bedroom and also consider your child’s current height and growth in the future,” Ms Gullifer said. “Is there enough room for a king single, double or queen bed or only a single?”

If space is limited, opt for a bed with in-built storage.

“The Tex single bed (by Focus on Furniture) has nifty built-in drawers and shelves, perfect for storing books and toys,” Ms Gullifer said.

Also ask yourself how other furniture will fit in. Can two bedside tables fit next to the bed, or just one? Is a desk required?

“Bunk beds are great, too, if your children are sharing a room or if you are limited for space or need an extra bed every now and then,” Ms Gullifer said. “However, bunk beds are not recommended for children under the age of nine, so keep this in mind.”

If your child is moving from a cot to a bed (usually between the ages of two and three), you can buy a guardrail that sits between the bed frame and mattress, Ms Gullifer added.

Handy: the Tex single bed has built-in drawers and shelves.

Hot right now

Upholstered kids’ beds are definitely on trend.

“They are so versatile and timeless, so they make a great choice,” Ms Gullifer said.

The Scandi-coastal look is big, too, featuring coastal tones offset with black and white elements.

Timber beds are also popular, with the wood grain complementing traditional interiors and white furniture.

“They feel modern and enduring and are a smart investment as it’s easy to update your look due to the neutral palette,” Ms Gullifer said.

Increasingly, parents are opting for bigger beds for their kids.

“Single beds have always been the go-to for children, but there has definitely been a shift in consumer choice, where parents are choosing to go large,” Ms Gullifer said.

A large bed will be more comfortable for night-time snuggles and reading to your child and will provide room as they grow into a teen. But it will take up more space in the room and won’t feel quite as cocooning to your little one when they’re small.

Larger beds have pros and cons.

Test the rest

Once you have an idea of space, bed type and your child’s needs, it’s time to hit the store. But don’t leave your child at home.

“It’s important to get your children involved in the process of purchasing their bed, especially as they will be the ones sleeping on it,” Ms Gullifer said.

“Test out suitable beds and mattresses together, and sit with them on the bed. Ask is it comfortable? Will it stand the test of time? Think about how many years you want your child to keep this bed.”

A big bed with storage could be the right pick for your child.

Avoid these errors

Here are some common mistakes when buying a kid’s bed, according to Ms Gullifer:

• Thinking a firm mattress will last longer. When you buy a mattress for your child, you need to consider their growing bodies, and a firm mattress is not going to give them the support and flexibility they need as they grow and develop.

• Opting for a big-brand mattress rather than a quality one. Your child should test the mattress first for comfort. Set a budget and do your research as a good mattress doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

• Getting sucked into outlandish bed purchases you will later regret.

• Buying too much furniture. Decide on the important items — such as one side table, rather than two — and stick to it.