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inside look at how the blockaes hottest unit is going to market

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The terrace alone is 88 sqm in Jess and Norm’s penthouse on The Block. Picture: Supplied.

THEY’RE red hot favourites with punters to win The Block with an apartment so amazing you can even voice control the plumbing.
Down to earth Queenslanders Jess and Norm have won the hearts of hordes of viewers over this season of The Block, but their savvy choices ensuring new owners almost never have to lift a finger, have ensured it will have a strong showing under the hammer this weekend.
Their agent Sam Inan of Hocking Stewart real estate agency gave us an exclusive insight into what it has taken to get this dream home under the hammer.

LogiesDown to earth Queenslanders Jess and Norm have won over many viewers on this season of The Block. Picture: Nigel Hallett.

The terrace has blown all visitors away with its space and views. Picture: Supplied.

He told The Courier-Mail that all the properties go to auction on Saturday with the final results made public during a special TV finale on Sunday evening.
The Queensland battlers had produced an unparalleled home, according to Mr Inan.
“The reality is these penthouses, and particularly ours stand out from the rest (of the units) with four metre high ceilings as opposed to slightly lower ceilings in the other apartments.

The penthouse seems secluded, being so high off the streets of St Kilda. Picture: Supplied.

Their style has been contemporary yet practical — and definitely luxurious. Picture: Supplied.

“And the vistas from the windows are just incredible, looking over the beautiful terracotta roof tiles, over St Kilda, it has great seclusion and privacy and really high level of finishes. luxury and a recipe for success.”
The effort hasn’t ended with “tools down” for the pair, though, with “a lot of work” going into getting the right type of buyer through the door, Mr Inan said.

The open plan dining room of the penthouse unit. Picture: Supplied.

Looking down the hallway towards the terrace. Picture: Supplied.

“It’s really what we’ve done in the lead up to the auction, with print media and online advertising. We (also) tried a couple of different things particularly with regard to social media, targeted campaigns on LinkedIn to high net worth individuals and people in high corporate positions which has been really beneficial.”

Water feature outdoors. Picture: Supplied.

Great spot for a morning cuppa. Picture: Supplied.

Mr Inan said the Queensland couple’s property had seen “a lot of repeat inspections and enquiries from people who were not necessarily looking in this pocket (previously)”.
A real standout feature, he said, was the electronics in the home which were outstanding for the luxury market.

The bathroom is classic luxury. Picture: Supplied.

Sumptuous spot to de-stress. Picture: Supplied.

“One thing that stands out for our apartment is the fact that we have some really great high tech and intelligent additions. The Amazon Echo system runs not just by voice command but is able to run all the plumbing and what have you by voice activation also. It can run taps by voice command. Alexa runs the shower and you don’t have to deal with cold water. It has everything from voice-activated blinds to lighting also there.”

The main kitchen is open to the living spaces. Picture: Supplied.

There is a butler’s pantry so vast it’s practically another kitchen. Picture: Supplied.

Buyer feedback has been consistent, he said, with many also wowed by the fact that the penthouse “has the largest terrace”.
“Those who like to entertain tend to have the need for larger space. This allows you to not have to book a separate space, you can really entertain (at home) and know people will enjoy coming.”

The master bedroom. Picture: Supplied.

The dressing room in the master suite. Picture: Supplied.

Jess and Norm’s penthouse on The Block has three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, one car space, and a large 88 sqm terrace.
Asked what they thought of the fact that they were hot favourites going into the auction, Mr Inan said “no pressure, no pressure”.

Beautiful laundry room. Picture: Supplied.

The bedroom ensuite. Picture: Supplied.

“It is wonderful to see and if that is going to drive sentiment that is wonderful. But it’s important not to get ahead of ourselves. We’re making sure we cover last minute concerns and are as accessible as we possibly can be for our buyers.”.


The facade of The Gatwick post renovation. Picture: Supplied.

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