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josh horner brings the fun to real estate with aeoesoldae dances

Written by The ReReport

Josh Horner dances with his client after a property sale.

Josh Horner is bringing a sprinkle of showbiz to real estate.
In an unlikely fusion of careers, the ex Broadway star and Dancing With The Stars judge, who now works for The Property Market at Tuggerah, is celebrating his property sales with an obligatory “sold dance” that gets more and more enthusiastic with every sale.

From shimmy’s and twirls to the more modern move coined “flossing” (google it), Mr Horner coaxes his clients into hamming it up for the camera with all types of dance moves, and in his opinion, it is the perfect stress relief.
“What I love about people and dance is that it always ends with a laugh, and after a stressful time trying to sell your house, you need that,” he said.


Josh Horner Is Now a Real Estate AgentJosh Horner brightening up the streets of Mardi. Picture: Troy Snook.

Recently selling a home at 8 Treeview Pl, Mardi for $738,000, Mr Horner managed to talk his nervous vendor into performing a bit of a jig.
In the hilarious video, the lady tries to escape twice, but her agent aint having any of it.
“She let me lead – she was embarrassed, but ultimately a good sport. You can see the excitement in her face when she rips off the sold sticker, which I just loved.”

In another “sold” video, Mr Horner involved two kids and a dog called Snow.
“That dog had the personality of an 80s jazz dancer, I just connected with him,” he said.
“The kids were so cute. I wanted to give them ownership of the sale too – after all, they had to keep their rooms tidy during inspections, so they needed to celebrate.”
Selling property near his home town of Watanobbi, Mr Horner said that he wasn’t trying to combine his two career paths, it just came naturally to him.


“People love that I’m bringing something different to real estate, my social media response has been really good,” he said.
Posting his shenanigans on his Instagram page, the entertainer has been a ball of energy around the office, so much so that he has had to attach a note to the back of his chair stating “don’t talk to me. I have no self-control and will talk to you for three hours and achieve nothing”.

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