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Sonia Watson and Ange Davies with their three “kids”.

Television celebrities Neale Whitaker and Andrew Winter went head-to-head in tight battle to convince the owners of this Brisbane renovation to either Love It or List It.
Daisy Hill residents Ange Davies and Sonia Watson were at odds with what to do with their house when they welcomed Love It or List It presenters Neale Whitaker and Andrew Winter through their front door.

BEFORE: The lounge room before was tidy, but very dated,

AFTER: It’s difficult to believe this is the same space.

The couple bought the two-level brick property two years ago, and Sonia has spent time chiselling tiles off walls in a bid to get Ange to fall in love with it, but to no avail.
Sonia loved the home’s “rabbit warren” design, while Ange believed the layout did not work for them at all.
So, naturally, the first thing Neale did after Sonia said, “I hate open plan homes,” was take a sledgehammer to the walls to create an open plan living area.

BEFORE: The house was a “rabbit warren”.

AFTER: Neale turned the house into an open-plan design.

While Neale was busy renovating, Andrew was showing options. The couple did not have much luck with the first two properties he showed them, but the third, at 48 Highview Tce, opened Sonia’s eyes to the idea of purchasing a new property.
“Andrew was absolutely fabulous and his selection of homes was mostly great,” Sonia told The Courier-Mail.
Upon returning to their home, it was almost unrecognisable, and although Sonia was not originally keen on an open plan design, it seemed Neale had managed to convert her.
“You didn’t put a foot wrong, did you,” Sonia said to Neale.

BEFORE: The dining room looked toward a kitchen, where tiles had been taken off the wall.

AFTER: The kitchen is now both funky, and functional.

However, at the top of their wishlist was a bedroom and pool for “the kids” — dogs Jordy, Charlie and Eddie — and this ended up being the catalyst for deciding whether to love or list the property.
“We decided to list the property in the end as we really wanted a pool,” Sonia said.
“We also thought it was better to sell while the house is newly renovated as the kids are not kind to newly painted walls.”

Andrew Winter and Neale Whitaker try to convince Sonia Watson and Ange Davies to love it or list it.

And while Andrew opened the couple’s eyes to what was out there, they were still trying to decide on a new property.
“We didn’t go with one of Andrew’s homes and are still looking at other possibilities,” Sonia said.
“We’re currently renovating upstairs so that the house is in a better position to sell.”
Tune in to Lifestyle Wednesday at 8.30pm, to see if Queenslander Tom or Erin decide to love or list their Toowong home.

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