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neale whitaker demolishes toowong coupleaes recently renovated 40000 bathroom

Written by The ReReport

Love It or List It: Neale Whitaker, Andrew Winter, Erin and Tom Brown.

CELEBRITY interior designer Neale Whitaker took to a Toowong couple’s recently renovated $40,000 bathroom with a sledgehammer.
This is the risk participants take when they apply to be on Foxtel’s Love It or List It.

BEFORE: The bathroom had been recently renovated and cost upwards of $40,000. Picture: Foxtel

The home’s owners, Erin and Tom Brown, said when they were deciding whether to apply to be on the TV show, they were aware it could cost them their beloved bathroom.
“We built a new bathroom where the old bathroom was when I was pregnant with the twins,” Erin said.
“It cost us over $40,000.”

… and through the wall a sledgehammer went. Picture: Foxtel

But as they feared, the bathroom had to go, as Whitaker reconfigured the whole layout of the house.

BEFORE: What was previously a dressing room was to become the bathroom. Picture: Foxtel

AFTER: The new main bathroom was perfect for the couple’s twin daughters. Picture: Foxtel

The bathroom became the kitchen. The kitchen became a lounge room. The lounge room became an ensuite. And a dressing room became the new bathroom.

AFTER: What was previously the bathroom became the home’s kitchen and laundry. Picture: Foxtel

As it turns out, Whitaker knows his stuff and the couple were ecstatic with the result of the renovation.
“We feel like we’re sleeping in this gorgeous boudoir every night,” Erin said.
“I’ve personally been enjoying the bathtub.”

BEFORE: The living room would be moved to the rear of the home. Picture: Foxtel

AFTER: The old living room became the ensuite and walk-in wardrobe. Picture: Foxtel

Tom agreed and said they hoped they had not been “spoiled” now.
“It’s like living in a hotel,” he said.
“How do you go back from living in a house like that?
As for whether they loved it or listed it, the couple made the decision to love the property, before backflipping shortly after the show finished filming.

BEFORE: As the kitchen was shifted to the bathroom, this would become a new living room. Picture: Foxtel

AFTER: The fireplace was given a new lease on life. Picture: Foxtel

The change of mind was as a result of a house co-host Andrew Winter showed them in Paddington — in the exact same street that their friends lived on.
“On the final day we were really conflicted and we were contemplating doing rock, paper scissors,” Erin said.
“We were one per cent leaning towards loving it, but we decided we wanted to move to Paddington.
“That’s where all our friends live … and the house in Paddington was bigger which really got us thinking we will need more space as the twins grow older.”

BEFORE: The old dining room, and the door to the left was the door to the old bathroom. Picture: Foxtel

AFTER: Looking toward what used to be the dining room. Picture: Foxtel

Tune in for next week’s episode on November 28, 8.30pm on Lifestyle, to see if a New South Wales couple decide to love or list their Newport home.

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