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Netatmo Presence review: Thumbs up for smart outdoor camera

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The Netatmo Presence outdoor security light and camera.

Easy to install means severe bonus points for this reviewer.

Outdoor home security cameras are all the rage, but for the average technophobe they can also be a thing of nightmares.

The challenge by many systems, and their designers, seems to be finding a balance between providing a high-end security function while also making the operation and installation usable to the average punter.

To put it simply, making it tech-idiot proof.

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So, there’s a big tick straight up when I learn that the Presence can be simply installed (by an electrician or someone with electrician skill-set, “thanks dad”) in place of any other outdoor light.

Done, and done! And after that, the real fun and games begins.

The Netatmo Presence outdoor security light and camera.

Simple but effective.

The Netatmo Presence outdoor security light and camera.

The notifications can be customised.

The app is really easy-to-use — and it’s design really seems to have the user in mind.

Even a non tech head like myself.

The system analyses in real-time what is happening outside the home and then sends customisable notifications like “person seen”, “car seen” or “animal seen”.

While obviously a serious resource, this also provides hours of fun in the initial days after setup and lets the family dog get his time in the spotlight.

While great fun to watch and play with now, it’s also a reassuring resource to have should something sinister actually ever happen at home.

From a more techie point of view, the system stores videos locally on an internal micro SD card.

And then it’s simply a transfer to Dropbox or similar if desired.

One of the absolute best things going on for the Presence though is that there are no monthly fees or ongoing pay add-ons at all.

Zero, nada, nil.

That’s almost reason to buy one on it’s own.

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The stat sheet says it is compatible from smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs and Apple Watches — which I can’t confirm — but I do know it works a treat on my old iPhone

Image quality has been great so far, and it seems to capture the full length of our yard — which is about 15-20m long.

What more could you want?

The Netatmo Presence outdoor security light and camera.

While it’s not a toy, it’s still fun to test out with the family dog.

I’m still working out how to finetune the balance of the floodlight going on and lighting my way at night and it lighting up each time a ringtail possum scampers by, but that’s all part of the fun.

And the settings are easy to play around with, so definitely no big drama.

Priced at AU$499.99 at JB HiFi, Australian Geographic & Office Works and Kogan online and more, this is a great user-friendly product that comes highly recommended.

Two thumbs up from this reviewer.

* The author received a Netatmo Presence security system to review for this article