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positive outlook for townsvilleaes property market

Written by The ReReport

Propertyology managing director Simon Pressley.

TOWNSVILLE  residents should be optimistic about the city’s economic future, according to property analyst Simon Pressley.
Mr Pressley who is head of property investment service Propertyology will be in Townsville on November 9 to speak at the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s Heads Up: Hot Property Townsville event.
He will discuss how Townsville’s property market has evolved and where it is headed.
Mr Pressley said there was negative sentiment by locals in Townsville regarding the property market and the economy.
“My role is to study the property market and I’ve become increasingly aware how negative residents of Townsville are and understandably so to a degree,” he said.
“Hopefully something as small as our presentation will get people to believe the future is exciting.
“Out of adversity if a community has the right attitude they can become much stronger.
“Townsville residents should be optimistic about the local economy and with an improving local economy comes a better property market.”
Mr Pressley said several regional communities such as Newcastle, Geelong and Orange had fallen on hard times with major employers collapsing only to recover and become some of the hottest property markets in the country.
Mr Pressley said despite some tough years and negative sentiment Townsville was capable of greatness.
“The Townsville economy has been bashed around over the last decade. First the mining industry downturn, then Cyclone Larry, followed by the closure of the city’s biggest employer, Queensland Nickel.
“But there’s every reason for Townsville businesses and residents to be extremely positive about the future.
“The are several leading indicators that fill Propertyology with considerable confidence about Townsville’s outlook.
“While the big-picture fundamentals look very promising, the missing ingredient right now is local confidence.
“On that point, I’d encourage every Townsville resident to take control of your own future. Positivity creates good things.”
Mr Pressley will be joined at the UDIA event by Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder who will discuss the impact infrastructure investment will have on Townsville’s property market.
The event will be held on Friday, November 9 from 3pm at the Townsville Brewing Co at 252 Flinders St.
Tickets start at $65 for members. For more information visit

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