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strong southeast land sales leading the way

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Waterlea at Walloon, Ipswich, is contributing to the high new land sales volumes.

Southeast Queensland is outperforming, and outselling, almost all of the country’s capital city land markets.


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Research4 director Colin Keane, who will address the UDIA Lay of The Land conference in Brisbane today (Nov 20), said southeast Queensland was the top performers in terms of land sales.

Australia’s residential greenfield market expert Colin Keane will present the UDIA’s National State of the Land report.

He said the region was second only to Melbourne, but unlike Sydney and Melbourne, where those cities have seen huge spikesin demand, the southeast corners growth had been “measured”.
“Queensland sold … in the September quarter, 900 new blocks of land per month.
“Melbourne … sold 1500,” he said.

Stockland’s $590 Newport community is just one of the new land estates driving the southeast Queensland market to be among the best in the country.

“Southeast Queensland is one of the more stable, well considered markets … whether by planning or whether by luck.
“For the past five years now … (the) southeast Queensland market has been selling, … close to 900 to 1000 blocks per month.
“Normally markets go up and down like a yoyo.”


Mr Keane is one of Australia’s leading experts in the residential greenfield market, and his company audits and surveys land estates to provide insight into land supply across the nation.
“Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, all represent roughly 20 per cent of the total of the new marketeach,” he said.
Mr Keane said Springfield/Ipswich remained the more affordable sub-market and Logan was on the rise.

Stage nine of Stockland’s Foreshore Coomera development was recently fast-tracked to meet demand.

“Logan is demonstrating that it’s very attractive to buyers, because it’s not as far out as Springfield and it’s a bit cheaper than the Gold Coast,” he said.
“Moreton Bay remains a favourite, even though land supply is tight around there.
“Allure and Harmony have put the Sunshine Coast on the map. The Sunshine Coast is now has a very stable supply of land.”


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Stable pricing over the past five years was another contributing factor to the success in the southeast, with the median landprice at $272,000 for the region.
That is $70,000 cheaper than Melbourne and $155,000 cheaper than Sydney, Mr Keane said.

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