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The Block 2019 episode 52 recap: Mark fires up over Dan’s slur against Mitch

The Block 2019 episode 52 recap: Mark fires up over Dan’s slur against Mitch
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It’s been about six weeks since we saw Mark and Mitch in majorly offended mode.

Back then it was Scott Cam in their sights after they perceived a comment he made about their party house as homophobic.

But now Foreman Dan has gotten on Mark’s wrong side.

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Homophobia row sours The Block

It might be more to do with the fact he stuffed up the budget leaving he and Mitch broke than actually feeling offended, but he still doesn’t mince his words.

Dan and Keith are doing the rounds of the houses to give teams their defect list. These mostly minor issues have to be fixed before the end of the series — about nine days away.

Keith and Dan deliver Mark a defect list before Mark delivers Dan a blistering serve.

And though they are mostly minor, there’s so many of them it’s a major undertaking. Deb and Andy have the least, but they still have 79. Jesse and Mel have the most at 132. Mark and Mitch have 103.

It’s when Keith and Dan are delivering this news that Mark gets in a major strop.

“We will do what we can,” Mark says.

“No, we want you to do all that,” Dan says. “Mitch is going to have to put in.”

“He always has done,” Mark says. “I’m really offended by that. He works his guts out and I won’t have anyone stand here and suggest he doesn’t. It’s offensive.”

“I’ve said the same thing to all the other contestants. Nobody’s taken offence to it and I apologise if you’ve taken offence,” Dan says.

“Oh mate, that was uncomfortable,” Keith says later.

It’s been a season of uncomfortable moments. From Mark and Mitch being caught out in a lie over their accusations Jesse and Mel were cheating, to that earlier homophobia row.

Mel, bless her heart, decides it would be wrong to finish the series with any bad blood, so arranges a caterer and invites the other teams over for a dinner party.

Mel makes the case for her appointment as an Australian diplomat.

As each contestant talks about their favourite memories of the show it looks like Mel has a future running the UN.

“I want to have some happiness in my last week,” Mark says.

“We’ll make it happen,” Mel says. “Let’s all make it happen.”

Deb and Andy are in tears.

“I want to finish strong with nine fantastic people who understand what we’ve been through,” she says.

Does that mean there will be no sniping, bitching or complaining in the final week?

Given the explosive interview Tess and Luke gave to last week accusing the producers of stitching them up to make them look lazy, it’s clear the season didn’t end with unicorns and butterflies for everyone, but for the moment at least, peace reigns over Oslo.


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