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The Block 2019 episode 53 recap: Shaynna Blaze says the teams made a big mistake with Deb and Andy

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Matt and El’ise have finally done it.

After 10 long weeks, they’ve finally scored only their second room reveal win.

By being one of the few teams to bother decorating their garage — with street art on one wall, a painted concrete floor and some tool storage — added to Dave Franklin and his landscaping team’s work on the roof terrace, and a masterful redoing of their much panned kitchen, they impressed the judges enough to win outright by half a point, and by a point and a half after they used their bonus point.

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El’ise and Matt’s winning roof terrace.

The use of the bonus point actually gave them the highest score in Block history — 30.5 out of 30.

“I feel like Matt and El’ise have rescued their house,” Darren Palmer says.

Mark and Mitch bomb out badly thanks to some “seemed like a good idea at the time” styling. They scattered their roof terrace with shoes, clothes and empty beer bottles, but rather than evoke a classy couple overcome with passion for the view, it looked like a couple of bogans had gotten paralytic and slept with someone else’s partner.

“This is not glamorous,” Neale Whitaker says.

Meanwhile, they took out the few things the judges liked in their guest bedroom redo, and left the stuff they didn’t leaving a “room that’s lost its nerve”, according to Neale.

It’s been a bad week for the pair, who have spent most of this series flying high.

Earlier in the episode Dan and Keith intervene when they discovered they’ve ripped up their ugly stairwell tiles after the judges, and anyone else who saw them, likened them to crime scene tape.

Dan and Mark argue over Mark and Mitch ripping up their ugly tiles.

But the boys are out of cash. They’ve negotiated a deal with their builder to sell him some furniture for labour, but that will only get them to the stage of repairing all the defects, with nothing left over. So when Dan spies an electrician removing tiles, he smells a rat.

“Something fishy is going on,” he says. “They’ve only get enough money to fix up the defects. The electrician can only do electrical work.”

He tells Mark “We need to get a certificate of occupancy for this house and the only way that is going to happen is for the electrician to do his work. Now you’ve decided to rip up the tiles and use the money on retiling.”

Mark and Mitch argue they’ve struck a deal with their builder to do both jobs, but Mark has the air of a man defeated.

“The implication is we’re cheating. If we wanted to cheat we would have brought them in at midnight,” he says.

Every garage needs street art. Matt and El’ise’s efforts got them the win.

Andy and Deb have yet another solid score for their roof terrace and bedroom redo. The judges love the timber on the deck, the high bar overlooking The Block’s only unobstructed city view and the bare light bulbs strung over the area.

“I think the other contestants should be afraid, because they allowed them to have this and it could win them The Block,” Shaynna Blaze says, referring to a contentious body corporate meeting earlier in the series when Andy and Deb begged the other contestants to allow them to install their roof terrace, even though they missed the deadline for ordering the reinforced steel for it.

Tess and Luke score high marks for converting one of their living areas into a formal dining room as their redo room, and for their charming deck.

Deb and Andy’s roof terrace is only there because the other teams allowed it, and it could cost them.

And Jesse and Mel have done well with Jesse once again tiling everything in sight, including a U-shaped seating area on wheels. The judges aren’t impressed with their redo room though. All they’ve done is change the sheets, and the bedside tables.

“It’s not a redo, it’s rejig,” Neale says.


Matt and Eli’se 31.5

Andy and Deb 29

Tess and Luke 27

Jesse and Mel 24

Mark and Mitch 22


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