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the serendipitous journey that brought this owner home

Written by The ReReport

The house at 104 McKenzie St, Dayboro, is for sale.

IT was a serendipitous chain of events that lead to Sharon Sushames moving into her dream home two decades ago.
She used to drive past the highset Queenslander at 104 McKenzie St when she was driving her children to and from daycare.

The fire is cosy during the cooler months.

“It was empty with long grass around it,” Mrs Sushames said.
“I would pull into the driveway and when my sons asked me what we were doings, I would tell them I was just looking at that house that needs a family.”

A classic Queenslander kitchen.

Mrs Sushames and her husband Stephen were planning on building on a block they had at Mount Mee, but needed somewhere to live in the interim, and it just so happened a friend knew the owner of the home she had been longing for.

There are VJ walls and polished timber floorboards.

The family moved into the home, renting it for six months before finally purchasing it.
“When I first walked into it, it reminded me of my aunty’s home that my great grandmother and grandfather built at Ascot,” Mrs Sushames said.
“I used to go visit … but my aunty would say, “Don’t you go into any of those bedrooms,’ so I would stand on the threshold, peering in.
“It was the exact same floorplan (and) that home had an impact on me from my early years, so it’s not surprising I would be drawn to this house.”

One of the bedrooms, which has a pressed metal ceiling.

Although not the biggest bedroom of the house, Mrs Sushames said it was her favourite room of the home.
“It’s the room I used to stand at and try and peak into my cousins room, so I told my husband we had to have it,” she said.
“It has beautiful pressed metal ceilings.”

And for the warmer months, enjoy catching a breeze on the back deck while watching the kids in the pool.

The couple built under the house, giving it six bedrooms and multiple living areas.
They are now downsizing as their children have moved out of home.

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