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The What Now? Property news you must know for June

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What Now? is the new property news report that gives you the lowdown on the most popular stories from the month.

As June comes to a close, here’s a look at the news stories that had you all clicking, commenting and sharing.

Good news for renters (no, really): a rent advisory board is currently being established in Victoria. The Victorian Commissioner for Residential Tenancies, Heather Holst, is calling on renters to give her the lowdown on what it’s really like to be a tenant in Victoria.

This could mean that things will get better for renters in the state, who make up a large proportion of the property market. In fact, according to the Census 2016 report, 30.9% of the population is made up of renters, while 31% own outright, and 34.5% own a home with a mortgage.

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A new rent advisory board is coming to Victoria. Picture: Getty

Hopefully the board will bring up 99 problems, like how hard it can be owning a pet as a renter, and other issues like how to best approach a housemate who has loud sex.

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There’s a $46 million apartment on the market, which is just a lovely dream for most us.

The expansive 11th floor apartment at 150 Clarendon St is for sale in East Melbourne and is the largest single-level penthouse in the Southern Hemisphere. 

It may sound like a ridiculous amount of money for an apartment – and that’s because it is. If it sells for $46 million, it will break records in Victoria. A St Kilda penthouse that sold off the plan for $30 million this year to former Domain boss Antony Catalano holds that title for now.

The $46m apartment is the largest single-level apartment in the Southern Hemisphere. Picture

Let’s be honest, with an apartment of this proportion, there’s bound to be some very specific features such as a meditation room.

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Some guy mistakenly bought a strip of grass he thought was a house. This is what can happen when you don’t attend an open for inspection.

A man in Florida was horrified to learn that he accidentally bought a 30cm wide by 30m long strip of grass for $13,000 after thinking he was buying a villa. Instead, it was the dividing land between the neighbouring villas.

The villa was actually a strip of grass. Picture: Google Earth

The new less-than-proud owner of the grass strip claims he was misled and is now pushing to have the deal cancelled and his money returned.

Best of luck and a lesson to other home buyers – always try before you buy.

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Guy Sebastian’s Maroubra mansion receives its finishing touches. The home has been under construction for two-and-a-half years and is finally ready for the family to move in.

Guy and his wife Jules purchased the site for $3.1 million back in 2013 and began works in 2016.

Neighbours have been reportedly furious at the lengthy construction and design. One former neighbour is reportedly selling up after an exterior wall to his house was damaged as a result of the building works.

Guy Sebastian is annoying his neighbours with his newly built home. Picture: Getty

He also told media that the house looked more like ‘a fortress’.

Fortress or home, Guy finally has his castle.

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