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This renovation sensation has winning good looks

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Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

Johanna Lyle on her home’s pretty front veranda. Pictures: Chris Groenhout

Retired Olympic snowboarder Johanna Lyle and husband Josh love renovating.

In fact, they love it so much, they’ve renovated four houses in the past five years.

“We live in Brunswick and don’t want to move from the area, so as our family got bigger, our homes got bigger and bigger,” Ms Lyle said. “We also really enjoy being able to put our own stamp on a place.”

With two young children, Nixon and Maelle, in tow, the couple decided to rent around the corner during the seven-month reno of their latest home so it would be easier to be on-site when needed and less stressful than living through the process.

Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

The couple’s latest reno, their fourth in five years.

Before any building work started on the two-bedroom Victorian-style cottage, Ms Lyle created a look book of ideas she loved, to help decide on a style direction.

“I’m very passionate about interior design, so I created a scrapbook and divided it into sections — kitchens, dining, bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoors. It was very organised,” she recalled with a smile.

The couple also compiled a list of must-haves, including a minimalist open-plan design, concrete floors, high ceilings and lots of wood and glass.

“We limewashed the original floorboards in the front to freshen them up, but went for concrete in the new section out the back,” Ms Lyle said.

“I love the feel of walking on a concrete floor. It has such great texture and is very hard-wearing with a family and our dog, Sid.”

Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

Hard-wearing concrete was chosen for the floors in the home’s new section. Artwork: Kezz Brett

Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

Ms Lyle’s passion for interior design is reflected in the beautifully put together decor.

Impressive talking points are the 3.5m-high double-glazed windows that Josh, who works in the window industry, designed to overlook three outdoor areas from the vast, open living space.

“We were after the biggest windows we could get and these are just massive,” Ms Lyle said.

The kitchen fit-out was all about matching the huge proportions and grand presence of the space, which explains the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, big drawers and 3.8m-long marble island bench.

“I wanted the biggest kitchen bench I could possibly have because we like to entertain,” Ms Lyle explained.

Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

The long kitchen bench is an entertainer’s dream.

Integrating timber into the open living zone softened the look of the surrounding hard white surfaces. Timber features include a custom-designed, floating storage unit and shelving, and a spotted-gum feature wall.

“We wanted the dining area to be a bit cosier, and the timber wall helped create a room within a room,” Ms Lyle explained.

Timber has also been incorporated into the main bedroom, where a feature wall cleverly conceals the entry to the ensuite.

“The entrance to the ensuite and walk-in wardrobe is hidden, so when you close the pivot door, it just looks like a timber wall. People get a real surprise when we open it,” she said.

Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

A door is cleverly camouflaged in the timber feature wall.

Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

Vibrant bed linen dresses up the main bedroom.

The luxurious ensuite is Ms Lyle’s favourite space and it’s easy to see why. There’s a double shower with a large picture window overlooking a private fernery; a marble benchtop; and textured tiles sourced from Italy.

“It took six months for the tiles to arrive and we had to stop the project for a few weeks until we got them, but they were definitely worth the wait,” she said.

The same materials were used in the main bathroom for continuity. This space also includes a freestanding stone bath, separate shower and two long basins.

“Because everything else is so large scale, two small basins would have looked out of place,” she noted.

Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

A fernery is reflected in the ensuite mirror.

Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

The main bathroom features the same materials as the ensuite.

Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

Two long basins suit the bathroom’s proportions.

Renovating has inspired a new career path for Ms Lyle, who retired from professional snowboarding after the 2010 Winter Olympics. She now has a bed-linen label, Siesta Home.

“After getting totally obsessed with renovating, designing and styling the house, I decided to start designing my own bed-linen range. I am so inspired by art, colours, patterns and textures,” she said.

She described the range, which is sold online, as colourful, playful and designed to be mixed and matched. Some of her early designs were inspired by European travels, including her experiences at the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics.

The latest range is an eclectic mix of palettes and patterns, with reversible duvets and colourful pillow slips to encourage people to “match their sheets to their mood”.

Home Style shoot with Johanna Lyle

Ms Lyle’s interest in patterns and textures can be seen in Nixon’s bedroom.

Postscript with Johanna Lyle

What do people comment on the most about your home?

The ceiling height and windows. They can’t believe how big the windows are and all the natural light the home gets.

Most challenging part of the renovation?

We had to hire two cranes to get some pretty big pieces of glass in. It took two to three days to get everything lifted into place.

Something special about your home?

We have a 50m-high gum tree in the back garden I wanted to keep, so we designed the extension around it. It’s quite special to have such a big tree in your garden when you live

inner-city. I love how it hangs over the courtyard, providing beautiful shade.

Best time of day in your home?

Just after lunch when the sun comes into the living area. It’s filtered through the gum tree, so it’s not a heavy light. It creates beautiful shadows inside.

What gives your home its personality?

All the accessories — the cushions, furniture, pictures of our family, and artwork. It’s pretty fun and colourful!

What does home mean to you?

Home is a place where my family feels secure and where we share things.